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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Smoking and Regional Blood Flow to the Brain 08 27 2013

Smoking and Regional Blood Flow to the Brain 08 27 2013

Awhile back I wrote an article about why witches and witch doctors used tobacco.  I also made some observations on how trial use affected me once.  And per scientific research I am 100% correct in my assertions.

Tobacco increases blood flow to the right side of the hippocampus.  The right side of the brain is associated with creativity.  But what happens with the use of tobacco is that that creativity is not a normal and healthy creativity!  Have you ever noticed that tobacco users have a wicked sense to their personality?  Schadenfreude if you will?  That is the kind of creativity that is fostered with tobacco use.  Schadenfreude is the type of person that likes to see things go poorly for other people.  The Queen of England admitted as much about herself.

Some of us don't need to use tobacco at all to activate the right side of our brain.  And what is the hippocampus?  It is the part of the brain that is responsible for storing and therefore retrieving memories! So what does the schadenfreude do?  He does not think healthy thoughts he retrieves bad thoughts and wishes bad things to happen to other people by smoking.  In other words he cannot normally because he has a mental defect.  So what he is retrieving and created with that dead side of the brain only leads to societal horror!

Now you wonder why someone needs to use a drug to retrieve memories from the right side of the brain...a more proper explanation would be they are trying to think with the right side of their brain by smoking.  Have you ever seen someone light up because they are nervous in your presence?  It means they are trying to be at the same level of intelligence as you.  But what happens when a person constantly uses a drug to do that? ~ They defeat their natural intelligence.  It is like not having to deal with the bad things in our life on a cognitive level and then using that mine field of nonrecognition side of the brain to construct ideas!  Using a drug to delve into a bad dark sea of memories and extracting what from that well?  The way it should be is that one has a natural flow of ideas from both sides of the brain; and indeed has not great trauma that they cannot reconcile.  For if they cannot reconcile that personal trauma it will indeed be projected outwards.  That is where the negative cast is associated with the term, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."  Well for some of us who think clearly and drug free it isn't, for those who delve into a darkened sea to create a good intention it is.  If I have a smoke I will think of a good idea that has a good intention?  I doubt it!

So why do people smoke?  Most likely because they have a compromised hippocampus from alcohol or other drugs influence on conception and in the womb development!  Quite common.

Be very wary when a person has to use a cigarette to activate a higher intelligence based from dead side of the brain.   What it really amounts to is an attempt in desperation to survive among those of us that don't need to.  When you smell that smoke take it as a warning sign!

Links to scientific research that supports my conclusion.

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Who are the smokers in our Government?  We need to make a list of them.

John Boehner
Barrack Obama

It should indeed be a preclusion from serving in public office.  The validity of my personal experience tells me that they make the worst neighbors ever.

To add a bit of expression to the concept in order to better remember it, "A Quack Grass Personality."  A QGP for short.

 They remind me of this in some way::::

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