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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The HIppocampus in World History 08 24 2013

The Hippocampus in World History 08 24 2013

Recent scientific evidence tells us that children whose parents did not love them or nurture them have smaller hippocampuses.

Who fits that bill in world history?  I just know of a few from my recent research but in order to really understand world history we would need to study every leader or dictator and see how they might fit into the data?

1.  Winston Churchill- His parents left him a boarding school and never came to visit him.

2.  Adolf Hitler- His father is said to have beaten him. 

What am I implying? Both of those men where leaders in WWII.  And I implying a promotion of those that inherently lacked diplomacy?

3.  Son's and daughters of socialites who go on vacation and leave their children at home.  Can I make the observation that children who are neglected by their parents are meaner?  Can I make the observation that their parents are often considered very important people in Corporate America?  Can I make the Observation that many Corporate executives themselves are said to have psychotic personality features, psychotic meaning a break with reality?  And the Hippocampus is indeed responsible for memory regulation.

4. Who else?  Who else?

Fetal alcohol syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western World!!! The affects are irreversible. I find it very odd that the parents of these children receive $80,ooo. a year to care for them!  Do they also own breweries?  Milwaukee is said to be full of beer barons.  That is indeed where all the mansions on Lake Drive are said to have come from.  To me that is a horror!  To not warn parents enough about it and then pay them that?  Even a small amount can cause it during pregnancy.  And what girl really knows when she is pregnant at first in order to stop drinking in time?  The risk is too great for anyone to ever drink.

How would  you like it if you were in the locker room and you saw the round eyes, listed as a symptom of fetal alcohol syndrome, staring at your waist?

How would you like it if they found a way that one of their children could talk to you while you were in your home and there was nothing you could do about it to stop hearing it?

You wouldn't find it funny!

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