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Monday, August 19, 2013

To Know Thyself as the Self with the Cookie Cutter 08 09 2013

To Know Thyself as the Self with the Cookie Cutter 08 09 2013

What would it be like knowing someone else better than you know yourself?

In the hierarchy of self-confidence you would by default have more confidence in them than yourself.  Why?  Because that was your fixation of self- right?  -If you knew someone else better than yourself?

But you wouldn’t have to be that way.  Wouldn’t it be better if you could have been an independent equivalent?

So it implies a necessity of second self as first self?  I believe the term might be superego?

But what if that necessity of fixation meant that in the normal course of being a human being you could not break that second self as primary self-fixation?

What kind of behavior would it lead to?

Bitter resentment of that person that is not you?

And the unintentional consequences of such a mass fixation would spell trouble for the objectified fixation?

Rather than not face the reality of self you would objectify your fixation?  And when you objectify your fixation somehow you strip them of their concept of equal rights?

So whose fault is it?  How can it be said to be the object of your fixation?  They are just a human being- an independent thinker.

So it is often the same principle with hatred, in that hatred is often not about the person being hated but about the person that hates them projecting their own weakness on that person.  Objectified hatred being that instead of being strong enough to recognize you have the problem as the first step- in a lie to yourself or otherwise delusion you label someone else with that weakness and hate them instead?  Projecting your hatred of self onto someone else, to be concise?

So in the case of the second self you pretend that second self really has all your personal weakness instead of yourself.

A mal-desire not to accept yourself as born; but to instead go out into the world with a cookie cutter in search of someone else to devour so that you become them?  It would seem to be a part of a very primitive thought process?  A primitive thought process resulting from a “tilt” off of personal development and instead being a second self?  The primitive thought process resulting from reaching age of maturity and having lost years of personal development by coveting the idea of being the second self that is not you?

In summary a self like this would enjoy nothing better than trying to prove to a cookie cutter self that it is not as smart as he/she really is.

It is part of the “destruction of others” religions of the world in order to be that person?

But the question remains, “What makes you someone else instead of original desire to be an independent developed equivalent self? Has to be a mental defect?

At a very young age I might have been this way, in that my eyes were caught in the self of another self.  But this is likely part of all human development.  What jars us from that reality can be when we have to face real world dangers and the consequences of such.  For example you touch a hot stove and know not to again.  At a certain age that is how life is and should be too, you find out that you can no longer lie about what is your true self.  This period might have been before Kindergarten or after a traumatic experience in the Boy Scouts. But I can remember making an active choice to distance myself!!!!  And I don’t even know who the other self was!  It could have indeed been me in the future?  But more likely than not it was just someone like I am today; an independent open door mind!  And I do believe that some type of external conscience factor came and bailed me out of that in some way, but I don't know how, and I am not sure that I do want to know how : )  But I am very thankful.  Maybe they said a prayer?  Something like that one in the Bible goes like, "Let this blessing fall onto you?"

Now I was glad to make that separation.  What if there are those that do not have the strong will?  What if because of a weak will it is a way of life?  What if they can’t escape because others keep drawing them back!  On person is actively distracting with a mental voice and then listening so that many have their ears pulled to the same wall whether they want to or not?

Is that where the desire to go to the wall in Israel comes from?  To listen to the thoughts of the man they had crucified?  He is no longer, when he is dead, otherwise they would not have to go to the wall?  Very symbolic and profound with regard to a concept of freedom and respect!  To be silent and listen rather than crucify?

There is a great difference between knowing when someone needs to know and suggesting a path so that they learn how to get there versus insulting them because you see they are on a path to a goal.  When I managed I was always the former.  My father was this way too!  The former being man to man creation and the latter being resentment of man.

And maybe that is just it, you look some people in the eye and you have instant communication that makes you smile.

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