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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why you use drugs and the hippocampus 08 31 2013

Why you use drugs and the hippocampus 08 31 2013 (hippo campus  or hippo-campus sp?  It is important enough to be truncated to one single word!)

Is it because you think you are going to wake up the next day a different person?  But what if that was exactly what happens?
The hippocampus, drug use or exposure during development and sexual orientation.
Alcohol et al. cause the hippocampus not to develop during teen years when the teen drinks.  The comparative loss is substantial.
Men’s brains are bigger than women’s, hence the hippocampus is bigger than women’s.  Is this the reason some males don’t become men in terms of sexual orientation but instead homosexual- their hippocampus does not grow during puberty because of exposure to alcohol and other drugs?
And what of women?  Their hippocampus is larger in proportion to the size of their brain as compared to men; so drug use during teenage years greatly damages their hippocampus therefore their hippocampus will be more the percent of how a man’s is with respect or rather in proportion to the rest of his brain?  Hence she is a man in a woman’s body? 
But it would be a pseudo male brain because it isn’t as big in total as a man’s and also because the structure of the body relates differently to the physical world.
What have I just used there in those previous paragraphs that many dropouts eschew?  That logic is based on Algebra, isn’t it!
So you use drugs and wake up some day and say that you are of a different sexual orientation and it was not a matter of choice.  Based on my theory are you right or wrong; just base your answer on this theory.
Isn’t all that drug use really a form of witchcraft?  Look at what the effects of it are!  How can you say anything different?  I wouldn’t be surprised to see an uprising based on current scientific knowledge, along the lines of, “You poisoned my son!”  “You poisoned my daughter!”
Now what if all the boy’s that you grew up with had a hippocampus that was damaged by the time of birth and you didn’t.  When puberty comes around they will be handing you the drinks and trying to get you hooked on drugs????  Yes they do!
What if a cadre of world leadership was jealous of American Ingenuity?  It comes from the minds of men.
When I talk to people I ask questions.  I met a man from Columbia.  I asked him about the heroin produced there.  He told me that he went up in a plane once and someone showed him exactly where all of it was being grown.  He said there was a lot of it!  Every single dose of that is likely headed to the American market.  And one hit makes an addict for life.  It will kill a person!
So Barrack wants to bomb Syria?  Barrack is from Chicago!  Chicago has an epidemic of heroin abuse.  It was also the h311 center of the Italian Mafia and the defeat of Prohibition.  There were also senator’s seats being sold in Chicago by Russians Influence.  And what do we know about Afghanistan?  Near Russia?  Russia had the opportunity to destroy those poppy heroin fields but didn’t.  Columbia had to get the starter SEED from somewhere didn’t they???  Somebody sells them the agricultural equipment and the fertilizer.
You could poll the average person on the street and they could not tell you why we would bomb Syria.  I don’t know that I could either.  I am not satisfied with the answers and explanations we are hearing.
So how was the Irish Republican Army defeated in Ireland I wondered?  It is very simple, the circle of poison principle.  A mother and father drink before conception and the child is born to be feeble minded, they have just lost their cause haven’t they!  They have been converted to be dependent minded.  Why do I mention this?
No one can explain to me why we are going into Syria.  But we have been lied to by the media with regard to heroin fields.  We were told that they were camouflaged and could not be found.  That isn’t true.  Everyone one of those plants can either kill a person or make them dependent minded.  Drugs compromise brain development in many ways.  You don’t become an adult man when you don’t have to solve problems and can readily seek a form of escapism that alters your brain structure.  It can be thought of as not liking yourself to the point that you do not want to live your future potential based on your past memories?
What am I getting at?  Why aren’t we using Napalm to strike those “heroin” fields???  The only reason has to be because it is that Chicago Crime Center drug money that put Barrack in Office and he is afraid to defy it!!!!  Germans settled in Argentina heavily.  I often wonder if a bad base of people in Germany is operating through Columbia to defeat the United States?
If I were President of the United States I really would not care if there were Civilian Casualties if I napalmed Colombian Drug fields.  We didn’t care when we Nuked Japan twice did we?  They attacked our homeland!  Anyone that would die in relation to the Colombian drug fields would indeed be considered to be an accomplice to a War against the United States.  Those drug field workers are indeed war criminals.  I think that the good man or woman in Columbia would breathe a sigh of relief to see American Bombers coming to free them from Satan!

Do I also believe there is something wrong with Colombian Coffee that can create tachycardia? 
When someone is robbed of their future that potential lost is never realized by anyone; it is a form and action of spite isn’t it?  Can you see the pill box of the eye’s narrow as they look at you in spite!  Do you know what it feels like absent the look?  Can you sense spite from a distance?  And what observation can we make with regard to the cognitive structure of those whom we don’t even know that “Spite” us.  Do I sound like I am being paranoid.  “You say that people you don’t know spite you?”  To answer that I use the comparative technique Jesus Christ used by asking a question to answer a barbed question, “Do not those that grow hectare after hectare of poppy heroin fields spite honest Americans?”  That kind of answer causes what is called cognitive dissonance in the person that asked the question.
You have just read something that I wrote.  A family member once told me, “You have your own thing going on there.”  And I often hear things like, “You are in your own little world.”  I think some people like this stuff.  It is my mind and this is how I claim it?  How do you claim your own mind??  Do you believe that you can do so through spite?  If so it might be a sign the damage is irreversible?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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