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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Confederation of Oil Interest Trusts 05 01 2014

A Confederation of Oil Interest Trusts 05 01 2014

The enemy of the American people was the friend of the wealthy oil interest American; Osama Bin Laden of the (royal?) family of Saudi Arabia? 
After WWII Prohibition ending drug family member FDR raced to Saudi Arabia, and I believe it can be thought that the Confederate Oil Interest Trusts (COIT) for short negotiated and controlled all of the world’s oil prices through Saudi Arabia?  There is no autonomy in Saudi Arabia!
The money trail that oil companies worldwide benefited from Financed Al Qaeda to have the World Trade Center bombed?  Hillary Clinton a woman who is running for President stated that the United States Created Al Qaeda.  {I think she has the vocalizations of an army cot whore.)This might be one of those times that Government should speak for itself only?  Just close your eyes and listen to the sound of that Al Qaeda?  It is about the equivalent of Magog or Sybil type schizophrenia isn’t it; a literary work of Fiction from Bonzo who stole the election of President by giving arms to Iran in return for hostages?
Do wealthy Americans benefit at the expense of the rest of us through a Confederation of Oil Interest trusts?  Do and have oil company executives make what is more consistent to a large annuity stream of income rather than compensation for work?  I believe that wholeheartedly!
FDR was also in league with Russia in WWII.  Putin’s family spoke German.  My father told me that the German Castles were not bombed in WWII.  Putin has 9 mansion, which in my mind equate to 9 mistresses and that equates to 9 plus bastards that will never be imprinted by the mind of a real father.  So that is also in league with the Confederate Concept.
A Confederation is illegal per the United States Constitution.  All franchised businesses and alcohol establishments might be labeled to be a Confederation.
When a business acts as a member of a political unit it is indeed a Confederation and illegal per the United States Constitution!  And we don’t have to try and attempt to getting any more detailed in our understanding of what it means than that!
Definition per the above link:
“A confederation, also known as confederacy or league, is a union of political units for common action in relation to other units.[1] Usually created by treaty but often later adopting a common constitution, confederations tend to be established for dealing with critical issues (such as defense, foreign affairs, or a common currency), with the central government being required to provide support for all members….”
The CIA purporting to distribute technology to United States Corporations we are supposed to believe came from crashed alien space craft is also evidence that it too is a Confederation.  (From the book the Day After Roswell.)  That was never alien technology!  It was idea’s that were stolen straight from the minds and souls of normal, honest and real Americans!
Also any subsidies ever paid to a business (As opposed to the legitimate United States Citizen) define that business as a Confederation.

A COIT is a legal document that is fictionally crafted just like limited liability is a complete work of fiction.

I also believe that the New York Stock Exchange software code today was created by same crooked minds  as that which created the legal documents the derivatives that almost bankrupted the United States was.  (not a perfect sentence but that is all the time I am going to spend on it!)

Thomas Paul Murphy
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