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Thursday, May 8, 2014

How Many Aryans Did Hitler Brain Wash as children and adults and have killed? 05 08 2014

How Many Aryans Did Hitler Brain Wash as children and adults and have killed?

Master Race, the Chosen ones, Divine right of Kings, Alpha males and women, Vinculums, Leader of a School of thought, even those who were zombified in the Haitian and African religions were members of the master race!  And it isn’t even a master race at all!  All we (those labeled Schizophrenic) really are are those who were not born defective minded from the influence of alcohol and conception for a 11 month period!
Hitler’s dad drank like a fish so he was definitely born dependent minded!
The master race was already among us.  So what was Hitler trying to create?  A master race that wasn’t a master race?
I mean what do you want me to say, “Sour grapes to those who were born independent minded and can’t stand it?”
4.3 to 5.5 German Casualties out of a population of 69.850 million.  The Nazi’s claimed 80 million in the population in the war trials.
How many of those 4.3 to 5.5 million German Casualties were German Children forced into military service?  Am I on to something here?  In other words the gestalt of Hitler’s actions is that he killed what he was trying to preserve?  I also heard a story once of the Polish keeping German Nazi children in cages and when a man came along that they didn’t know was a nazi or not they would hand him a machine gun and open the cage, as the Nazi Children ran out he either mowed them down with the machine gun or he was killed too!

What we also know is that the Polish killed children in their own villages upon the start of WWII!  The desire to kill those that they were dependent minded too?  Hence what has been proven proof positive was that there was a machination involved and a genocidal collusion between nations on different sides of the WAR!!!!
So what types of children are kidnapped today worldwide?  The freaks are looking for the exact same kind?  Those who have non defective brains?  They make the perfect sacrifices for them in order to rejuvenate their lives with?  Was Hitler a pagan occult member?  Absolutely!  And believe it or not I get the whole thing about killing the mentally retarded!  Why?  Because when you euthanize them then we get to the source of how they were created alcohol and then no more are created.  Plus the fact that they cannot learn in school and hence are a drain of national resources as they will never be productive citizens!  How can you expect a human being to teach your child who is that way?  Neither you nor that teacher has the patience.  And even if you are able to hire 5 teachers to teach that child, meaning you have money, what good is someone that can’t learn that well ever going to be to society?  If they ever got into power without being able to learn naturally even though they did learn do you know what threat they would pose to normal children?  Just like Hitler or any dictator! At best they will become bobble heads on the baseball field.  And they are a lot stronger than a human being is because there is often less distance between joints on their limbs per their skeletal bone structure hence it is easier for them to build muscle because they have more leverage.  One would hate to think of a physically stronger race being the master race but some people do think exactly that way; and it is devolutionary!  Perhaps the way to prevent this race from overtaking the earth is that if your IQ is less than 50 you don’t get to inherit money at age 18?
Hitler wanted to create the master race of Aryans?  Why?  Because he was an Aryan and knew that he himself was mentally defective?  Hitler did not even have blonde hair!  He had a mean dogs face, had dark hair and was short; the runt of the litter so to speak.  And to be quite honest with you I see extremely few blonde haired blue eyed women in this world who are attractive and look like they have their own minds!  So it appears that they are gone!  It is kind of like whether you meant to do it or not you did it!  Or you did the exact opposite of what you said you meant to do!
Why did I write this?  Because I feel that those who hear voices in their heads no matter of what religion or color are indeed of the Master Race!  And it doesn’t imply that we enslave everyone else; it implies that we set the laws that govern fairness in our society?  More along the lines of the reality is that our minds are dunned by the voices and hence that makes us the master race!  It has to do with who is being asked advice is indeed a master.  And the voices that you hear are indeed implying something about you aren’t they!
What was the real goal of the Master Race of Hitler?  It really had to be an occult grouping of those who were born mentally defective from alcohol; they had wealth in the family, and didn’t want anyone to know it?  Hitler had the same gene element as Blacks and Jews; and in a white person does it amount to a miscegenation defect to the hippo campus?

Now Cathleen McMorriss Rogers a key leader of the Republican Party stated that the parties goal is to protect those missing or having the extra chromosome.  So Republican Party why don’t you let them give the speeches at your Republican Conventions?  You know that is a birth defect don’t you?  We all know what they look like!  So Republican Party that is so proud of its genetically defective children why don’t you let them take the podium and speak for you; every one of them!
I think that both Jews and non-Jews of the Master race were killed in WWII!  And what the result of it was that those of the master race are put on psychiatric medicine in the greatest worldwide medical fraud there ever was!  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them makes it a medical fraud!
And what would a natural master race be?  Like that family and children in the Sound of Music that escaped up the hillside.  They were happy and well adjusted people that would never seek to harm others!  They would never need to make a human being hear voices in their heads so that they were actively denied from using their own well developed and non defective minds!
Now what else is very interesting along this same line of thought is that the Hildebrand German who had all the stolen paintings from WWII in his house does not want anyone to know who his relatives are!  Read that in the Milwaukee Journal yesterday.  Bing!  I figured it out right away!  They are American and were at the time of WWII and are today!  They also might be from Wisconsin or New York or in the psychiatric field?  Or if he tells us who they are does it mean they are Nazi War Criminals living in the United States?  And perhaps if the Jews really wanted to be accurate with regard to Nazi War Criminals they would delve into those of the Nazi Party in the United States who were also members of the newly formed psychiatric industry at the time of WWII?  I mean if you really want to get to the truth!

That relative relation issue means that Hildebrand Gurlitt  heirs had some bit of knowledge regarding that family that he needed to hide for fear of death?  And now that family member is dead after, now here is the key type terminology in the paper, receiving round the clock medical care!

Eight Million Children missing every year!

And this is happening after WWII.  Was it established by WWII?  Are those children missing because they represent the embodiment of polytheism?  Contrast this to the children the Republican Party is supported who are genetically defective?

Another interesting thing is that England today is trying to ban transcripts of England's Marxist Communist party pre WWII? FDR was in league with England and that was a first for the U.S.  Was he sending supplies to the Communist party of England?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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