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Friday, May 30, 2014

Psychiatry operates on the principle of psychology of 05 30 2014

Psychiatry operates on the principle of psychology of 05 30 2014

Psychiatry operates on the principle of psychology of a human being not wanting to believe something is as horrific as it really is.

But the reality is that there are a great number of horrific people out there who do horrific things like enslave in prostitution and ruin a young persons life with a single hit of heroin.

The second part of the principle is that no one wants to believe in the horror of those realities unless they actually experience them! No one believes in the horror of a woman forced into prostitution or someones child life ruined by drugs.  And they don't want to believe you when you tell them that the voices do not come from you or your own mind!

So you can lump the sum of all this criminal behavior into one connected faction of organized crime throughout the world.   Do you know what their fate often succumbs to?  There is no authority that they can go to when victimized by one of their own beasts!

Also that interconnectedness of organized crime operates under the fraudulent facade of religion!  The very model that religions are based on is sacrifice of intelligent and thinking human beings; Christianity.  Believe me the criminal minded go to mass and experience it in a far different consciousness than a human being does.  And nor has any church done an adequate job of teaching the public of the reality of just what Satan was and is today!  In that most shocking psychiatry video it alludes to the public school system in the United States being converted for the purpose of reforming the satanic.  The pooling of money by religion is the means that the defective minded have assumed power all throughout the world over human beings.  You know we can't even eat the fish from our water because of that!  And it is believed that fish are the reason we evolved to be better human beings with families based on love and not demonization and neglect of children in favor of monetary reward.  Monetary reward as a replacement or substitution for family love?  Why isn't that child being loved by his father?  Because the father is after monetary reward in place of love and also the spirit of drugs in place of love as a reward system for living.  They cause the suffering in the families whose members souls they steal and label schizophrenic and they could care less about it!  To them you are like an animal that can also be eaten.  And that is the implied sexual cannibalism fellatio covenant between the female narrators voice of God in the Bible and her people!  It changed her!  And prior to that covenant the mentally defective were sacrificed at birth.  After that covenant they were the first You-Mans.

Most victims would rather take medicine that believe in the reality that is as horrific as it is.

And I am not antisemitic because I know that some Jews are dunned for their human soul and labeled schizophrenia in medical fraud too!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I once had a writing professor tell a story of how she was an EVIL, EVIL AND EVIL little girl.  She was that emphatic.  Some great many years later she found herself in a hospital dying of brain cancer.  Her head and face had puffed up like a melon!  So I hate to inform you as to what the fate of an evil little girl will be, but it is that and the equivalent of that!  She could be heard down the hallway at the recuperative hospital yelling, "Somebody please help me!"  Over and over again. There was nothing they could do for her!

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