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Sunday, May 11, 2014

There is some very interesting information with regard to aides in an article titled 05 11 2014

There is some very interesting information with regard to aides in an article titled:

“Simple theory proposed on HIV in women in Africa”
“Researchers think they may have a cheap solution, too”

By Donald G. McNeil Jr.  New York Times
“The Norwegian team believes that African women are more vulnerable to HIV because of a chronic, undiagnosed parasitic disease: genital schistosomiaisis.”
The cure costs “8 cents a pill”
“The worms and eggs attract CD4 cells, the immune systems sentinels, and those are the very cells that HIV attacks.”
The virus was created by the worms and eggs to defeat the human bodies defense system?
The Doctors names are:
Peter J. Hotez
Eyrun F. Kjetland

It is very interesting that the one aids expert in the history of the virus knew very well it had “been around a lot longer than that!” in a video published on Youtube.  The parasite might have been around for a long time and there were attempts to make it less susceptible to human immunity.

I think that we have been lied to concerning this for a very long time!  I also believe that it can be contracted in public places just by sitting on wet seats that are like what river water where the parasite is contracted.  Like a sauna or steam room at a health club or even locker room seats!   I also believe it likely relates to the many virologists that were mysteriously killed worldwide around the time of 09 11 2001.

I also believe that this parasite might be responsible for many problems in the hips, and lower back.  The schistosomiaisis parasite is said to borrow in the far reaches of the vagina canal!  And that is the same general area as hip and lower back problems!

This might be another medical fraud of epic proportions!  People paid to study virus's had to have known!

What that 8 cents a pill cure is I don't know.  But if you eliminate the parasite then you have taken the first step of deactivating the humanity immunity reaction that was triggered by it!  When you do that and the body quiets down maybe the next call for a human immunity reaction by the body goes on a normal function?  As the parasite and the virus appear to be linked together?  Perhaps the virus is caused by a metabolic process that the parasite has with the human body?  The virus itself might be a byproduct or an offshoot of the parasites DNA!  So kill the parasite and the Virus no longer replicates and then dies?  The only reason that the virus causes a confused immune response is because the parasite is rendering human flesh?  Hence upon CD4 attack at the immune response site there is both human flesh and parasitic flesh in the same locus?  Something like that!

I have always believed that a great many more human illnesses are caused by parasites than the medical community ever wanted to admit!

Schistosomiasis is also known as bilharzia. 
Schistosomiasis is said to come from snails that are infected.  I correlate this to the Zebra Muscle infection in the United States?  And where did that come from?

"This species was originally native to the lakes of southern Russia being first described in 1769 by a German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas"

Is there a locus of aides infection worldwide around waterways?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 05 11 2014 at:
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I was also reading that around the time of Prohibition that the Influenza virus affected a great many!  That would have been around the 1920's.  What we know is that a Koch of Germany was studying and experimenting with bio-weapons long before that!  And it does relate to Germans and alcohol and the conflict of WWII.  I believe that the connections are indeed there!  Was it the goal to say that alcohol killed the flu virus?  Of a alcohol delivered medicine killed the influenza virus; so that alcohol could be re-legalized and part of our Constitution defeated?  You have to remember that there is a connection that alcohol was available by prescription during Prohibition!  And that is also when the giant pharmacy of the United States greatly proliferated in growth of stores!

When I was a teenager and went swimming up north with a friend and got the itch he told me that it was common.  That was likely schistosomiaisis?  Also the CDC needs to step up quickly and ban the sale of raw fish on restaurant menus!  The horrors of the Japanese in WWII included keeping people prisoner and fileting a little bit of them off at a time to eat?  I very well understand why we dropped those 2 Atomic bombs!

Per that Wikipedia article on Schistosomiasis it is treated by a single dose of the the drug Praziquantel annually. 

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