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Friday, May 23, 2014

Toppling Mexico and Clean Water stream of consciousness otherwise known as diatribe 05 23 2014

Toppling Mexico and Clean Water stream of consciousness otherwise known as diatribe 05 23 2014

We can topple the government of country after country but the ones that give us the most trouble we don’t?
When we have an illegal immigrant influx from Mexico to the degree that we do it is a sign that there is something wrong with the Government of that country!  In fact that is the best sign that there is something wrong with the Governance of a foreign country when the United States faces a great influx from that country!
What makes is so important is that Mexico is one of the countries that borders the United States in Contrast to places like Syria, Egypt, the Ukraine, Benghazi in Libya, Iraq, Iran, etc.  Just put the weight of the evidence of that in each hand and what conclusion do you come up with?
What sense does our foreign policy make if we haven’t even accurately touched the most important issue?
Today someone handed a relative of mine a book about George Bush’s mother.  I started to randomly read sections in it and then I immediately remembered something he said something to the effect of if you knew what we really did you would tar and feather us and send us out of here.
And one more point.  It was alluded to that at VA Hospitals certain patients were put on a secret list that they didn’t care about them?  I believe that our health care system in the United States has created that same type of list, and it is of the family members of those who have the medical fraud of schizophrenia.  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them makes it an actively created medical fraud.  In fact all of my adult life interactions with medical “professionals” tell me without a doubt it is true!  And that idea is consistent with a Eugenics Doctor Kaufman from New York who wanted all schizophrenics and members of their families sterilized!  Denying them proper medical care is one way to do that.  What is the point?  If it is true about VA Hospitals then it is also likely to be true of General hospitals!  One human mind was not meant to serve as a template for the children of other human beings who then reach a certain age and don’t want to consider themselves a cookie cut from that template rather than a human being raised by a loving father and mother.

Off topic:  How much acid is there actually in a cup of coffee?  Does the acid in coffee contribute to osteoporosis?  Leaching the bones?  What can an equivalent amount of that acid be used to do in an industrial setting?  If you just had that much of pure acid from coffee what would the effects of it be on a bone matrix?  I only ask the question as I seem a lot more achy after drinking coffee and I like coffee.  The same question should also be asked of the lactic acid in milk.  The milking’s of a cow contain the acid so that the immune system is etched with the mothers?  I have speculated that is true.  The question then becomes absent calcium from milk and other modern acids like phosphoric in soda and the acid in coffee how often would a human body actually need to replenish its bone structure?  And isn’t it likely that calcium would easily be obtained naturally from the food we eat?  So when you think of it in those terms how out of balance does our modern diet put us?  And can any of us actually say what a natural diet would be?  Do we even still have the ability to live from a natural diet as we should and be more healthy or have we been shifted out of balance in favor of osteoporosis and other diseases no matter what we do?  Another thing I was reading was lack of oversight and chemical plants in the country.  We need those chemicals for our modern things but shouldn’t we always be striving to make natural modern chemicals with little toxicity?  And when I look at our rivers full of PCB’s I remember how there used to be boat ramps on the Milwaukee River when I was a boy.  But now if you even stand near it you will breath in airborne E-Coli.  {That fact that they are full of toxic silt makes me wonder if it wasn’t intentional?  But why would it be intentional?  Is it because there are those living amongst us that cannot live in freedom; the reason being they are dependent minded to a single human beings soul?  Any elements of freedom such as boating, fishing, hunting are a threat to them?  Why?  Because those are things human being like to and can do alone! } That and is the runoff silt intentional? I really have to ask where have the men been in the United States?  Leadership by men would not have allowed this to happen!  Now I read my DNR based fishing regulations and it tells you to pick up your dogs feces so that it doesn’t get in the runoff.  How many people who consider themselves to be nature lovers and environmentalist never think to do that one iota.  Iota is one of those words I haven’t heard in a while and another one I recently read was rambunctious.
But what does all that air and water pollution amount to?  That is how people in third world nations live!  They wash in the same river they get their water from!  So apparently we have people who are the equivalent of those living in third world nations in great power in the United States.  How did they get their?  Their parents had money and they drank before and during conception and fetal development.  The money was willed to them as heirs anyway?  Which brings up another biochemistry question.  There out to be a biological marker in a person’s blood that can be used to determine if they have a defective hippo campus and view human beings as prey?  If a person is creating a visual image of the world and not using introspection that brain metabolism has to be different and therefore there must be a biological marker in their blood, saliva, eye secretions, urine, feces, ear wax, hair.  It has to be there!
I am not out to get anyone but I want to assert freedom to everyone!  And that means everyone in the world to be free of hearing voices in their heads and demonic possession.
There is a state wide health advisory on eating fish in Wisconsin.  I was just reading in a Village of Whitefish Bay Newsletter that fishing was one of two industries Whitefish Bay was founded on.  It told how the nets would bring in many fish and they were sold very inexpensively.  Back in 1981 you could go down to the local park and cast from the pier and likely catch a salmon or trout!  Now you could fish all year and not have any luck!  We need to create floating devices much like those trampolines rich people put floating out in lakes.  However these devices would be solar powered and filter the water of Mercury.  That is what should be done!
In terms of chemicals I do like modern glues that hold tight wood projects.  In fact I have been making a series of briefcases out of wood.  And the frame of the lid to one of them feel under the car wheel as I was backing out the Buick today.  I opened the door looked out to see the left front car wheel was resting on it shut the door and pulled forward.  The wood did not break.  Perhaps it has to do with my design.  But the point is that chemistry should have been held responsible to strive of environmentally safe products or none at all!  So who is it that turned poisons into personal gold?  I have been sick of plastic since it first started to be mass produced!  It doesn’t last and it feeds the pockets of the rich and creates oil wars!  I don’t like the idea of having to buy disposable products.  Was the first disposable type short life product that communion wafer that melts in your mouth?  And what does communion really mean?  We all have something in common?  In the United States Freedom means that each and every one of us should have our own minds.  Was that melt away communion wafer really commune propaganda?  Or Communist propaganda? - If we believe in one God we are also one.  No but it means that your belief system can be controlled through that one belief system.  If you don’t believe me ask yourself have you ever listened to a radio preacher and said to yourself I don’t agree flat out with his interpretation of that element of the Bible!  It is purely wrong!}  A communist just like Hitler, the Sikhs, believing Ein Ein Ein?  -One one one?  Anyone who would say should believe that should be considered to have a mental defect? It is really stating I have money and need you to believe we are one because I am not an individual because I have a defective hippo campus?  That which isn’t one attempts to convince everyone else they are part of a one; because it doesn’t make him seem lesser?  A communist having that odd type of belief system?  I only get into this as you see above hear that I look at the problems in the United States and ask where the man leadership has been that would have prevented them!

And perhaps the best advice for a person who does not believe that they are a one to not try to be part of a one and instead just wait to be a one themself?  It other words the harder you try the more difficult it becomes?  Human life isn't meant to be unnatural like that!

Why don’t we topple the Government of Mexico like we do everywhere else in the world?  Could the results be much worse than what we have faced from that Government already?  I am not an imperialist.  But at some point someone needs to stand up and say that Governments everywhere in the world should be based on the right of the individual to be the individual?  That means freedom and human rights.  Freedom from hearing the voices of those who are not a one so therefore want you to believe you are not a one but a part of a one instead.  It sounds like a lie a spoiled child would try and tell you doesn’t it?  It is like a wish that can never come true and therefore a delusion.  And that child wishes in this manner, “When he dies all this be mine.”  Doesn’t really seem to be a business model that is consistent with the United States Constitution to me.  And I am starting to support that idea that Federal laws that subvert or conflict to the supreme law of the land the United States Constitution be struck down.

And Good God!  Can the average American actually tell you who the leader of Mexico is?  I doubt it!  When they come here it means there is a problem with the Government where they came from!  And the solution to that does not equate to smaller Government in the United States either.  But it does equate to smaller Government meaning less corrupt government and more efficient Government!  We don't downsize Government because we can't get honest people in it!  That is a sign that we have been doing the wrong type of weeding!  We have been planting the seeds of weeds.  Sounds like the start of a song doesn't it.  In fact I am going to have to write one.

"Planting the seeds of weeds."

There it is. :)

One more point about Gun Control.  One of the First times guns were used in the United States was against undue taxation; The Revolutionary War.  It defines United States history!  Jesus and his apostles didn't make a good tax collector tribe did he.  When him and his apostles cut off that kids ear in the Bible did they do so because the family paid to pay a thug tax?  The point being look how far taxation can go in the wrong direction; extortion, blackmailing and threat of bodily harm and personal injury.

One more point.  Are not alcohol users a danger to themselves and others?  Of course they are!  They cause violence and kill people in drunk driving accidents but the alcohol user is never labeled mentally ill even though they are a great danger to themselves and others!  I believe we need to turn on a dime on that issue!

You have never heard this, "The President of the United States sat down with the leader of Mexico to address repatriating illegal immigrants to Mexico and the sustainability of the Mexican Government as a form of  meeting the needs of its people."  We can topple but them but we just leave them in rubble.  And why does it happen that way?  Because people that never lived in freedom can't conceive of respecting the rights of each other and therefor forming Republics.  A Republic being governed by the people.  In other words a citizenship is oppressed, the United States trades with the country and topples that government.  There is not viable leadership to form out of that cesspool.  So the answer is to lead by example and state if you do not have a Constitution Equivalent we won't trade with you because your currency is not equivalent to our money and cannot be converted!  That is how I would do it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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