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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jesus Christ was not Pro-Life 05 21 2014

Jesus Christ was not Pro-Life 05 21 2014

He referred to Canaanites directly to their faces as Dogs!  Anyone who compares a race of people to dogs is not pro-life!
The Catholic Church believes him to be the one and only God!  To worship a God means that you worship everything that they said and did.  To worship means to emulate!
To profess an opinion opposite of a God is to mock a God!
What happens when you pray to a God and you are of a diametrically different life philosophy than that God?  You would indeed make God angry at you!  What happens when you make a God angry?  An offering to a God is called a holocaust.  Will there be a holocaust of the Catholic Faith?
So if the Catholic Faith does not really worship Jesus Christ who do they worship?  Is it Jezebel?  Some of us would have like to have known all that before we contributed money to you.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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