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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mexican Women are shot by the age of 30

Mexican Women are shot by the age of 30

I once heard that phrase when I was a boy.  I won’t say who said it.  But I had to ask myself why it is true.  And it is just recently that I figured it out!
What if you had a brother or father that kept you in fear all your childhood?  Fear by beating or traumatizing you as a girl.  You would likely never sleep at night! 
So why would it be done?  The simple answer is that those males are mentally defective.  But there is a lot more to it than that in terms of the way that they are mentally defective!  They want to keep you up so that you become their seer!!!!  And perhaps this is a weak explanation why they want to make a seer out of you.  But the reason has to do with them not wanting to work because they cannot work like real men can?  And here it is, the Mexican seer would know when the honest prairie villagers had completed the harvest of their year’s grains and could tell the gun toting bandits when to attack!  Now the United States seer would know what sports team is going to win for determining betting house odds as well as what stocks will do well.  The seer does not have her own mind because those males would not allow it to form!  Hence she relies on the disseminated holy spirit of demonized men and women who are traumatized.  And this is indeed how George Bush and hag son Barrack Obama were able to obtain information from torturing human beings!  They just laid the groundwork for another 1000 years of the wealthy not having to work!  They legitimized the Mexican bandit concept!  And hag son George let 11 million of them stream across the border!

That woman who was shot by the age of 30 was never allowed to become a human being.  I once heard Howard Stern blame bad men on having a weak father.  That isn’t entirely true, they also have a weak mother!  And a woman who has had her soul driven from her or that was never allowed to develop is indeed a weak mother!
Now these women will live their lives in fear and also with the desire to act and behave like men when they can never truly be one because their brains are smaller.  Because their brains are smaller they are wired differently with regard to proportions of brain size with regard to hippo campus and function!  So if they are allowed to raise sons as single mothers that son is not going to have his brain imprinted correctly nor will her daughter.  So is it beginning to make more sense to you that human beings who were normal all their lives and well educated often hear voices in their heads by those who are trying to inverse imprint on them in envy?  It can’t be done!  That will never be a man by inverse imprintation (and I am talking about when they are imprinted by a man nonstop)!  Why?  Because, it does not create a human mind, at best it creates an animal mind of a thief!  And I have just proved a correlation between the criminal mind and the animal mind.
If you lived your childhood in fear like that, never sleeping at night you might become apathetic to concepts of humanity a normal woman or girl might naturally develop?  You would likely be driven from the formation of your own mind!  So if you couldn’t form your own human conscience and human reason what would you do?  You would pray to God for help?  And what if indeed the consciousness of a real live human being descended upon your brain and superimposed you?
And again if this is what you became they only joy you would ever be able to experience in life would be to become part of the gang that enjoys victimizing human beings as you were victimized.  You would enjoy breaking human beings to become criminal minded.  For they are then one of you too!
So women like that live and manage to get by by a fixed set of constructs.  They don’t really want to think about whether they are valid per new situation or not.  Why not?  Because every time they showed expressions of thinking and independent self that jealous beast of a male that was not a man would beat them!  He beat it out of them in envy because he knew it was what made real men and women and that he could never be one!  He knows what he can never be and victimizes that which is HUMAN BEINGS!  So why is that mentally defective classroom child a bully?  Many reasons!  1. He is trying to make a seer for himself.  2. The psychology term is learned helplessness; he knows what he can never be and therefore victimizes that which is.  And that is primate behavior.  The human race did not evolve to what we were by tolerating THAT Antisocial behavior!  And here is something new in terms of psychology what really constitutes antisocial behavior and nervous talking versus what truly is social behavior.  Primates talking nervously because they do not have their own human reason and human conscience and scheming how to take the harvest of others is not social behavior!
The seer dreams of being someone else.  In fact the imaginary friend in her head is really a real person isn’t it!  And when she reaches a certain age and realizes that she doesn’t want to admit it!  Hence she attacks that consciousness of real men and women?  Like a princess crying for help in an epic sci fi movie?  No.  More along the lines of the only joy that she will ever experience in life is being party to the wolf pack that victimizes human beings as she was victimized to become one of them herself at a young age!
And men actually look up to women like that for advice in life.  Why?  Because she has a lifetime of being a victim?  More or less because she is female and they want to believe that because of that she has a better motherly instinct for them?  Because they were not imprinted by a man’s mind!!!  So isn’t that sickening!  It is how women would take control of the situation by becoming the victimizing authority over suckling’s of men!  Just like the stripper controls the bar room?  And Barrack Obama’s mother was indeed a woman of Burlesque?  That is why he is where he is!  So take heart suckling’s this country is for you today and not men!  Let me ask you this though; do you actually feel that you are responsible?  Do you really feel that you should be given responsibility?  What happens when you are faced with a great challenge and you have not remaining minds of men and women to pray to?  And do you often make a great many mistakes that real men would not make if they were given your opportunities and positions of power!  ABSOLUTELY!  Why?  Because you are the physical deformation and brain embodiment of a mistake!  But it doesn’t matter because you won’t be held accountable because you have a consensus of fools for support; some of which are Supreme Court Judges!
In summary they are shot by the age of 30 because they were made seers of through a lifetime of abuse, violence and fear.
Okay Lopez what you got to say about that on American television?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The next article will be what the h311 happened to baseball.

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