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Friday, May 23, 2014

Jesus Grew up in Egypt 05 23 2014

Jesus Grew up in Egypt 05 23 2014

We learn that from the Gospel of Barnabas.  So if you believe what Jesus said was pretty good logic then Egypt cannot have been that bad right?  Per my memory the Gospel of Barnabas states he was there until he was 12 years old.
One of the first things that Jesus did was to empty vessels of wine at a wedding and replace it with clean water!  How can you not love him for not wanting a fetal alcohol syndrome child (satan) to be conceived on that wedding night?
There was a village that had a man chained to a cemetery and had demonically possessed him.  Jesus sent all of their pigs over a cliff, some 10,000 of them!  How can you not love him for that!  Jesus was the only real representation of Israel that we know of!  Excavations of Israel show that there were very few pig bones as compared to the Canaan.  Canaan was the land of people that Jesus referred to as Dogs and also directly to their faces as Dogs.  Canaan was founded on Cane who killed his brother in order to assume his skill set.  Then cane built a house that fell in and killed himself.  Uncooked pork is known to be a health hazard.  And anyone who ate it would indeed resemble a sloth archetype of satan.  Speaking of which, in Milwaukee have you noticed the large percent of men who have beer bellies and a buzzhole swine like voice?  Is the swine sounding voice a diagnostic criterion for someone being of the dependent satanic mind?  Are sleepy looking eyes and drooping faces also a diagnostic criterion?  What would the treatment for someone like that be?  Abstinence from alcohol and weight loss.  In other words pouring out the wine and sending the pig meat over the cliff.
If there were a swine among us it would want us to do all the work and thinking for it while it drank alcohol and got fat.

Jesus grew up in Egypt.  I haven't read anything to indicate he was a bad kid!  So therefore Egypt could not have been that bad?  Also per the Bible Joseph became King of Egypt and also sequestered the worlds grain for 7 years to keep beer from being made from it?

We are getting a little different picture of Biblical History aren't we!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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