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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hitler and the Aryan Race 05 08 2014 updated

Hitler and the Aryan Race 05 08 2014

I just read that he had Aryan children kidnapped throughout Europe to be raised by German families?  That doesn’t make any sense to me?  For example why couldn’t the German families have their own Aryan Children?  He thought he was doing that child a favor by kidnapping them from their parents?  Kidnapped children raised by Nazi’s made more well adjusted adults?  I don’t buy it!  More likely it was told to Adolf Hitler that English Bankers who were also Jewish sacrificed babies as a matter of the occult and he followed suit? Maybe when they kidnap and kill children it is the same pleasure that you and I might experience by biting into a ripe plum; and I am speculating and you get the idea it gives them pleasure!  And it also relates to the English Druids, England being founded by the Roman Empire, impaling men in order to divine their future? That is one heck of an insurgent tax to protest against isn’t it!  And is there a pooled money trail behind all this; we are learning some hints about connections from that looted art work that turned up.

Now what is that the equivalent of?  It is the equivalent of the Jewish Essene Religion!  It is also the equivalent of the Pro Life Catholic movement!  And we know that many children in foster homes have been abused.  In fact 8 million children go missing worldwide every year.  In that ancient Jewish religion a man was kept prisoner as an exiled priest.  The children in the village were raised by juxtaposing them between the exiled (reads imprisoned to me) priest and an evil master.  The evil master being directly in control of the children; so they ended up like him.
You never hear the story, “I was an Aryan kidnapped and adopted by a Nazi German family and look how good I turned out?”
Okay so I was reading through my St. Joseph Bible the other day and I ran across where Jesus came across a demonic chained in the cemetery!  The name the St. Joseph Bible actually uses for him is demoniac.  So the Essene religion was not long dead and lost at the time of Jesus Christ!  From that passage we also learn where the exiled priest was kept don’t we?  Chained in the cemetery!  Isn’t that indeed what they said about Jesus Christ a Jewish person too; that he could raise the dead?  Do you see the sick humor here?  If they say that you can raise the dead they chain you in a cemetery?
There are also nuances in the text with regard to sodomy between Jesus Christ and the Demoniac!
I also read in some ancient texts that a Rabbi named Matthew could instantly heal a person from being a demoniac.  The only way that you could do that was if you were the cause of it.
Now Jesus Christ instantly healed people too and we know how he did he summoned the howlers and yelpers out of the people who were demonically possessed and therefore demoniacs.  And here is the nuance, “It is stated that he knew them!”  That means personal and that they were people.  So what else about this?  We learn what the 7 heads of the hydra were too!  When a man was becoming demonically possessed by one child if he defeated that child’s demonic possession that child would find 6 friends!  And the person being demonized could not win!  And the Bible also tells how this was done by this text from Matthew; “Only the son knows who the father is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend!”  And a demoniac is said to experience demons in his head!  That is exactly what people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia say!
I also heard a story on the radio about how Nazi youth that were indoctrinated into the service were kept in cages at polish camps.  When a solder came walking by in order for the Polish to determine if the man could be trusted they gave the stranger a machine gun and let the German children run free.  If the stranger did not shoot them then they shot the stranger!  The question then becomes where those children in polish cages the Aryan children that Hitler had kidnapped from throughout North Eastern Europe?  And how does a platoon of soldier children end up in captivity like that?  It does make sense unless you think of it in terms of the logistics of intentional friendly fire in war?  Those capture Aryan children were demoniacs for the German castle families weren’t they!
Anywhere you have a human being in the world hearing voices an act of domestic terrorism is being committed against them!  And many technologies can be used to accomplish this on the electromagnetic spectrum, such as the magnetron generator, the pulsed microwave attenuated by a microphone and also experimental radio equipment like one might find in the ham radio society.  Nazi Germany admitted to using radio type equipment to make a nation of 80 million dependent minded; but they did not tell the whole story! And the Department of Defense has admitted that the technology to make human beings hear voices in their heads is real and that the department of defense has developed it.  So today it is easier for the Seven Heads of a Hydra to defeat a human being? Why don’t you tell every case you used that weapon on?  Schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it a fraud!  Just like the Demoniac being instantly healed was medical fraud.  Oddly enough Jesus was from the House of David and David ran a protection ring!  Do you get it?  Either you pay me money or I have you driven insane!  And I have to wonder how many have become successful in the radio and television media circuit because they know that secret?  The cost to the American Public has been horrific in terms of both money and human trauma!
In terms of remotely influencing someone with this technology it is important to remember that a Ham Radio Operator can make a connection with someone on the opposite side of the globe!  I say that because it gives you some idea of the distance of EMF and therefore the anonymity!  Anonymity is a key word here!  As in Jesus knew who those evil spirits from the House David Protection racket were but the Demoniac didn’t!
And perhaps more important is that I believe that same type of equipment is being used to create degenerate diseases that require therapy and medical treatment!  It is easy money to make isn’t it!  Ever been in a hospital lately?  They can’t answer a single question but you get to meet 10 new people a day that will stop into your room and will be billing and bilking Medicare as health care professionals for their services to you!
One might ask what foreign cemeteries American Prisoners of War were chained in?  The beast likes to listen to the sounds coming from the cemetery and it makes them sleep better?  Less spooked because they know someone is chained up there?  Now one might say he belongs there because he was making people sick in order to instantly heal them and receive money?  But we get into the issue of a mentally defective person never being able to have their own human reason or human conscience so they will always need to chain someone in the cemetery in order to hear them think and inverse imprint from them!  And that is the more valid issue.  So there is a middle ground of good and two extremes of bad!
Now we get into another issue.  Assume a man or woman hears voices in their heads that come from human beings?  Let’s say you have a complete idiot on television and children are listening to him speak as if has knowledge and skills he really doesn’t possess?  A human being child might have cursing thoughts to that person?  So do you chain that child to a cemetery headstone?  No!  You get that idiot off the television!  What it really amounts to is a conflict between the mentally defective and the born healthy minded doesn’t it?  And the mentally defective win every time don’t they!
I want to create petition whereby every Sunday is a completely media free day!  No radio, no television, no wireless anything!  No EMF in the airways!  Now that ought to sober you up!
And we can indeed determine roughly where that Essene religion was by learning of where the Demonic was chained in the Cemetery!  And that Demoniac stated that there were many like him!  So a better scholar than me might be able to triangulate and interpolate that location from their knowledge!
There are more passages in the Dead Sea Scrolls that reveal the truth to this that I would like to quote to you sometime soon.  So look forward to that in my blog!
So if Jesus was indeed a fraudulent healer and his followers formed the Catholic Faith; it implies that Catholicism is at the base of the medical fraud!  And the Gospel of Barnabas implies Jesus wasn’t crucified.  So the medical fraud was continued by the Catholic Faith?  Why because Pontius Pilate the  Roman stated that they could see that this man did nothing wrong when he crucified him; but he wasn’t crucified?  Do you see how if he wasn’t crucified then he had to have been indoctrinated into the crime?  Pope Francis will not refute this!  I have yet to read that Gospel but that is what is in it!
One more final connecting point.  At the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls it is stated that Edom was leveled by the God of (Israel?).  We know that it was the Romans who hired King Herod from the new Edom to rule over Israel during the invasion.  If Jesus was the last heir to the Hasmonian Dynasty then he might have slipped away free from the crime of medical fraud like how the wealthy often evade prosecution?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS.  I think that those kidnapped Aryans had to have been bred in with Russians on the Eastern Side of the Berlin Wall!  There are a lot of Aryan looking Russians!  Ivanka's and Kornikovas, etc.  And Putins family spoke German.  I don't know my world history enough to know how the Aryans got into Russia before that if they did.  But you would think that the Russian population would be mostly those native tan skinned peoples and dark haired slavics?  Perhaps Russia on hte Eastern side of the Berlin wall was the attempted master race in communism?  It sure fits in with the Soviet Union desire to concur the world post WWII?   And the blonde haired Russians look like a lot of the Aryan was bread out of them?  Because they were loot in the War like the Sabians were?

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