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Friday, May 9, 2014

Jobs and what we do need 05 09 2014

Jobs and what we do need 05 09 2014

People want to talk jobs, jobs, jobs.  But the fact is that what we really need isn't even being made in the quantity that it should be! Electricity producing solar panels; literally everywhere!

And the second fact is that a lot of what we don't need is being made!  We don't need alcohol, tobacco and drugs!

Could we support ourselves by working on farms and still go to school and have everything we need?  Yes and we can learn to make it ourselves.

And I find it a bit of a mockery to tell us to get a job when the ones that are at the skill level of the current generations of United States labor pool have all been transfered overseas!  What does that mean?  It means inflation for the middle class because those who should be working in factories are charging us more as home contractors while at the same time providing less quality of workmanship!

In fact everything we need people to be good at in the United States we have shortages of!  We also have a great shortage of good people!

You know what it is like?  The upper class mocking the American Citizen while the upper class lives out the end of days of the human race nurturing and pampering their mentally defective children; who will never be productive citizens.

So ask yourself this, if you had a mentally defective child that could never be a productive American worker what type of job or career would you create for them?  One to manage employees that are not located in the United States?  One where they could provide health care and be unaccountable as to the results?  One where they could stand at the podium and pretend to be the standard of talent?  One where they could become professors and not have to worry about their students achieving standards?  One where they could sell food on the store shelves they didn't have to frequently check to see if it was rotten? etc, etc.  One where they could join the Army in times of peace and abuse fellow citizens of the United States in it?  One where they could speak endless words without substance or what might be called learning content!  Now that might be the new buzzword with regard to teacher evaluation, learning content!  The teacher was unable to provide learning content!  That diagnosis could very well improve the academic level of the entire country!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And here is the better way to describe it, "That teacher was unable to convey learning content!"

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