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Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mayor Bloomberg of New York

Mayor  Bloomberg of New York

He attended John Hopkins University and also Harvard Business School.  Was it him who made the comment that he didn't know anyone in college who could responsibly own a gun including himself?

What is he really saying about the benefit of the colleges that he atttended have on our society?

He is not making a good statement about them is he!  Or the caliber of graduate.

Ivy league credentials amounts to money buying the spoiled retarded positions of leadership in our democracy.  And that money does not earn more money in investment businesses it buys more money!

Big money buys money!  And they buy it for less than it is worth.  And once they have it they lessen the value of national currency because our national currency was based on human responsibility and integrity!  And that is not consistent with comments made be people like Bloomberg.

Should there be any money in religion?  I don't believe that any money is needed in religion.  And what it amounts to is the crime of our Government making laws that respect that religion and that is illegal!

You know what it is like?  You have stitched up the whole world so that your power cannot be challenged but you did so while creating waste that will not support human life.  So you finally got control of the world but in doing so you destroyed it?  Congratulations, you ruined it for everyone!  What a genius you and your race is!  What do you say to your missing chromosome children as you are dying of old age?  Carry on my values and traditions?  Isn't that putting a great burden on any fragments of humanity that are left at that time?

You know what I would do as President?  Require every adult citizen of the United States to own a gun; including the residents of New York City!  There is nothing in the Supreme Law of the Land that prevents that!  Nor can any valid interpretation of the Supreme Law of the Land contradict that!

If you can't own one as an adult as Bloomberg admitted to regarding himself and those of the Ivy League Universities he attended then it is best that you leave rather than attempt to the bastion of Freedom into what it wasn't meant to be!  It is obvious that you and your brethren have never been compatible with Freedom and the rights of human beings; so you don't belong here!  You have contradicted the Supreme Law of the Land in every means possible with Federal Laws that Contradict it.  What you did was bring the United States down to the level of the mind of organized crime!  A five year old could read the United States Constitution and compare it to the Federal Laws you scribed post WWII and determine that you don't belong here!  If you stay you should bear the mark that lets everyone know you are a second class citizen!

And who are you kidding every single one of us that went to school with an Italian child knows the likelihood is that the majority of them are mentally retarded.  So don't admit that and instead try and change the Constitution to fit a lesser race?  No!  We are not of that integrity or lesser idealism's!  You are not going to bring us down through lesser idealism's! - because you can't achieve standard ones!

And what is the anti constitutional gun control movement really about?  You don't want to reveal your true nature and allow the American Public to have guns at the same time because you fear they will not accept you!  Given your track record in world history it is almost guarantied that if you take that route no one will accept you!  Your not going to reveal it anyway!  You just want to take away the instance per instance risk every time it is revealed! You should have never achieved the level of confidence to get where you are in society and then project your own low standards on the rest of us!  The reason that we are allowed to own guns in the first place is to prevent people like you from attaining power and abusing human rights!  That is why it is in the Constitution!   A legitimate human being knows how to own a potentially dangerous item but you don't; you admitted that much and not only that you spoke for the rest of Ivy League too!  You are a complete disgrace to Liberty and the United States flag!

And you actually believe that you can propagandize the American Public to believe that it is wrong to not like you!  That it is a crime to not like you! We shouldn't!  You are a direct contradiction to the Supreme Law of our Land!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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