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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where there are dogs you must carry guns 05 07 2014

Where there are dogs you must carry guns 05 07 2014
Every Citizen has a duty and an obligation to carry a handgun in neighborhoods where there are dogs.  Especially in parks within school zones and parks that have the no guns allowed sign.  Why?  Because your child is far more likely to be injured from a dog bite than they ever are a shooting!  And 9 out of 10 times the dog will go straight for the groin and seek to end your human family lineage at you!
No human being should ever be subjected to the anger of a dog barking at them while the owner is walking that dog.  The dog can be considered to be an extension of that owner!  Nor should a human being ever be placed in a situation of fear by a dog!  Having a dog bark at you and want to get off its leash and attack you is the exact same as being accosted!  I am not sure what crime accosting someone is but after a quick look up I found that Financially Accosting someone is a crime in New York and subject to 1 year in jail; and that is nowhere near as bad as accosting with the intent to commit bodily injury.  And I am not going to get into whether a dog and its owner have the same mind, other than to say a dog knows when its owner is about to go outside.  And the owner knows very well when its dog is going to bark and lunge at someone and yet does not yield the sidewalk to them as they pass!  Perhaps that should be a law too!  A person that walks a dog must yield the sidewalk to a pedestrian even if it means they have to walk out into the street where both they and the dog could be killed by a passing car.
We don’t defecate in public places and neither should dogs be allowed to!  I just want to bring up one more point.  They had to create a drainage ditch in the park across the street from me last summer.  Bulldozers and digging cranes and dump trucks came through all summer long carrying that dirt away.  And you know what that dust smelled like?  Feces!  It could have only likely got there from year after year of dogs defecating in the park!
One more final point.  In the book of the Dead Dea scrolls I learned recently that bark was the word for prayer!  Now that was written before Israel fell to Rome!  And the Romans had wild dogs chase Jews and eat them!  So prior to that the Jews considered someone that barked at you to be praying to you?  And the Romans contorted the meaning of that so that Jews that were chased by barking dogs were considered prayed to?  The point being how psychotic one would have to be to let a wild dog chase you and laugh and say it was praying to you?  I could also make the point that the priest giving a sermon is the equivalent of him barking to the patrons or rather praying to them to receive something in return?  A coin for a little sip of wine?

And I find the barking of dogs to be a noise violation that we don’t need to tolerate in the 21st century.  Is that the owners way or praying; to let their dogs out to bark?  Who prays by barking; not one of us!
I would also question the validity of an adult to have children when those children are to play in the same fenced in yard where the dog openly defecates!  Oh you know things like E-Coli and delayed mental development.  Or rather the development of a feral temperament in a human being.
More on this later.

I have seen little girls who have scarred faces from dog bites and once heard a woman tell me a story of how she saw a bull dog get loose run up to a little girl and snap the little girls neck in a split second!

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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