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Friday, May 16, 2014

Animal Rights and Bull Dog Fights 05 16 2014

Animal Rights and Bull Dog Fights 05 16 2014

The issue isn’t with regard to the animal it is with regard to those who would want to see that happen and make it happen!  If you took that sport away from them what would they next resort to doing for entertainment?  And you can’t have a human being executed for that but you also don’t want someone like that living in your community.  The like watching two canines as are common neighborhood pets render each other for betting money!  Now can you see how they would gain a foothold through drug sales and violence themselves?  When the man who stated he saw Illegal Mexican aliens to be like satan and Scott Walker fired him for it I got the opinion of that man and not Scott Walker!  What is Scott Walker?  Someone who would cut taxes so there is more money for his father’s hobo collection hat!  The key hobo tenet of the Lutheran Protestant religion is this, “It doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as at the moment of your death you ask to be saved!”  That is not consistent with the worship of God; it’s the exact opposite!

Animal Rights Dilemma

When you see a tiger breaking the neck of a Zebra what do you think? {That is two animals don't yah know?}

When you see a  Bald Eagle or Hawk rendering a rabbit what do you think? 
“Carnivore animals violate the rights of the herbivores?”  I honestly wonder how you got through High School!
When you watch a wolf dragging away a chicken or child what do you think?  “Oh don’t hurt that wolf!”
Do you know what the scientific definition of a Carnivore is?
Here is what you want to assert next!

“We better hire a lawyer for the rabbit, the zebra and the chicken and also change the Constitution!”
Good God how dumb are you!
It is really a transference neurosis or just plain low practical intelligence?  LPI for short.
The Dog Fighter and the Animal Rights Activist are both LPI!  So you put the those two cats in the same room, close the door and the animal rights activist loses doesn’t she?  No, far more likely they find commonality by sharing an alcoholic beverage in there!
On the flipside Also the issue is that someone would consider an animal to be equivalent or equal to a human being!
Next the Animal Rights Activist will promote the licking of each other’s butts?  And what about the guy in the porn movie that licks butts?  He is an LPI too isn’t he!  You find no issue of sanitary standards between humans and animals?  Your children play in germ ridden yards of unattended dog feces!  Would the animal rights activists lick its own butt if it could?  Or we should remove the fangs of the tiger, wolf and Bald Eagles because they violate the animal rights of the chicken, Zebra and Rabbit?

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