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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Petition to create 05 25 2014

Petition to create 05 25 2014

Demand that Supreme Court Opinions be published at all stages of completion.
Should be thinking of writing them as you are making them!
What did I read today?  That the Supreme Court is changing its written explanations for its decisions long after they are made!
Why are they doing this?  It has to do with one of the Supreme Laws of the Land being that our Government is not allowed to make any law that respects religion! Any law concerning banning abortion is one that respects religion!  Many seat of the pants judges have openly stated that as a grounds for abortion rulings!  Which means that they cannot even understand and interpret the United States Constitution!  Any judge that has written an opinion that respects religion should be removed from the bench as an unqualified candidate!  In fact this amounts to treason.
But the Supreme Court is indeed acting on behalf of those who chose them!  And some of those members were indeed chosen by Barrack Obama!
The law isn’t meant to be something hidden!  And real men are never afraid of the basis for their opinions! And that standard is much higher when adjudicating based on the Supreme Law of the land.
What is really going on here?  It is almost like the judges on the Supreme Court realized that they have to be accountable for their opinions!  As if they just realized at the end of the school semester that they are actually required to work.
That written opinion should never be something that is hard for them to do!  Why?  Because a sound mind is an organized one!  Hence as they are thinking in legal terms on a matter the writing of that opinion  should be part of the process!  It is a skill level that should be inherent in a Supreme Court Judge!  But for some reason they are lacking!  The gestalt of it is a vermin scurrying around to hide from prosecution???
Legal precedent isn’t something that you create after you have established the precedent!  You can’t adjudicate and then have the whitewash crew come in and write the reasons for that opinion for you!  It isn’t a group process for a Supreme Court Judge to make his individual opinion on!
The law isn’t meant to be a phantasmagoria!  Whereby a sorcerer can say you are guilty per their weak competitive will and then come up with a reason that fits it later.  –Again as if that is someone else’s job!  No that was your responsibility!  Have you ever worked for a Professional that did very little if any of their own work and blamed you for all their errors or lack of human reason?  That written opinion should be typed for all to see the same day it is made!  It isn’t supposed to be an Italian shell game!
They came to America because there was no work for them in Italy and they established organized crime here!  Some indeed were evicted from Italy during WWII.  I have to ask why the wall of the Vatican is 60 or is it 80 feet high?  What were they afraid of?  Yeah it bothers me!
Immediately when I read that what I thought was, they do not have the qualifications to be Supreme Court Judges!!!
“Here is my initial reasoning?  But we have to change that because it means I should have never been a supreme court judge if someone intelligent were to read it?”  And I know what you are thinking.  Just let them get away with it.  Well all well and good.  But what you have to learn is that the worst thing that you can do for the spoiled child is let it get its way!  In other words who is going to save them the next time there is a worldwide conflict?  It won’t be the United States because you took a black marker to all of our beliefs that were formed through integrity.
And who is it that is writing that for the Supreme Court judges to make it look Kosher?  Apparently they cannot do it themselves to look kosher otherwise they would have already! 
This is a scandal that parallels Watergate!
Are they likely to also rewrite the Constitution and give us a neutered copy of it? I can pretty much tell you every provision of the United States Constitution that this bad element in our society is going to want to change and revise!
What this amounts to as Barrack Obama is at the helm of it is inciting Civil Unrest!  And that is an impeachable offense per the United States Constitution!  But what is the purpose of inciting civil unrest?  It is the imbecile causing trouble and then standing back and blaming everyone that got mad at him as if they are criminals!  That never belongs in the United States!  That is not what we are about!  And that is why it is an impeachable offense.  This is really so bad that Barrack Obama should resign.
But what are they really trying to do?  Those of the dependent mind cannot live in freedom with the rest of us!  This inciting of civil unrest has a different basis to it!  They want to use it as a tool to create a civil war and therefore toss the whole Constitution in the trash in the process.  Rahm Emanuel (sp?)  of the corrupt and getting  more corrupt Chicago alluded to a Civil War in the last Democratic election for President!   What is it really baiting the last of the brave American Public so they react and you can punish them!  Who thinks like that?  That which isn’t one of us and can’t compete fairly with us!

Off topic:
Was Abraham Lincoln killed because he had issues to address with regard to mental slavery in the insurrection of the civil war?  His wife was driven mad by something?  And I was starting to think that the IRA in Ireland was crooked.  But now I have to ask about the woman who had 10 children that they got mad at?  Were they a complete illiterate menace to society?
Also:  Were the tribal leaders of the Africans who were made slaves in the United States also made slaves of?  What was the history of their last names?  Can it be traced?  If we can trace the names of the Nazi War criminals I would think we would want to know what family last names might be culpable there.  Also I want to know any and all surnames that might be implicated in the Irish Potato famine genocide and their future lineage.  For example those that grew the potato seedling in the United States that were shipped to Ireland?  Why the heck did Ireland need potato seedlings form the U.S.?  Why couldn’t they use their own?  So who were those family surnames in the United States?  Who were they trading through in Belgium and Ireland.  We can’t prosecute them at this time but it is something we should be aware of!
Also I have to ask about Germans who have a surname that involves alcohol.  I am speculating that the balance of those killed in Germany were not those who had surnames related to alcohol.
And with regard to commodities trading all it has really served to accomplish is bankrupt the small American Farmer!
There was a famous newswoman who thought that those flushed from Europe during WWII should return to their respective countries.
Tobacco companies are like the horror monster that never seems to die.

And what is beer?  It is really the grains that are fed to swine with water and spit added to it?  Did people smoke in pre world war 2 Germany as a coping mechanism to living with those who drank and produced offspring of the swine juice?  :)  And that is why Hitler banned it?  To remove a coping mechanism?  Odd he would ban that and not the swine juice.   Perhaps he wanted to also?  I don't know?  It would have been consistent to ban the swine juice too.

I want to say that is proof positive of lack of human reason!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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