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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shouldn't FEMA have been jumping all over the antibiotic doping of livestock already 05 01 2014

Shouldn't FEMA have been jumping all over the antibiotic doping of livestock already 05 01 2014

One dolt administration after another!

And might FEMA have to make an emergency disaster cropland confiscation and replanting initiative in order to prepare to feed Americans if for some reason there is a hybrid crop seed based fallout and crop failures?  We don't let it go on for more than year like happened in Ireland.

FEMA should have a stock of natural seed enough to feed the entire population of the United States if planted in the spring?  If there were starving Americans due to Corporate monopoly of our economy would FEMA be able to feed them? It happens every day and is not considered a disaster.

You know, some Farmers wife who thinks she is the Queen of Sheba gets angry at the American population starves us and then posts her barnyard rules in place of our Constitution?

And that Irish Potato famine fungus came from New York.  New York being where the corporate stocks of the seed companies are traded today.  It has also been stated that The financial center is buying up croplands.  What that means is we have to dis-empower the Unconstitutional concept of limited liability before it springs on us in a bad way.

And if English German Protestants were not allowed to marry Irish it was not because the Irish were the inferior ones.  And as I read about a black man who was shot by a police officer in Milwaukee and think of all the money in the Black Church I have to ask the questions how come there are not any Rabbi's around today who can instantly heal a Demoniac like they did in Biblical times?  And all religion can be thought to be branches of that?  How come the Lutheran Minister doesn't know how to cure a Demoniac like a Jewish Rabbi did?  Sure is an awful lot of money in the black church isn't there!  And the thought came to me just now how come one of those ancient Jewish Rabbi's didn't come forward and offer to cure Adolf Hitler of being a fiery Demoniac before it got too far out of hand?  For some reason he got mad at them first?  And I have to wonder if blacks and Jews having the same gene leads to similar religious concepts?  Rabbis are said to have cursed family lines from generation to generation and Africans believed in the Vondoon religion which to me is the equivalent of psychiatry.  So what branch of religion does psychiatry belong to?  That of Sheba or Jezebel?  Take your pick right?  To make a law that respects a religion is indeed a violation of the Constitution of the United States!  They cannot force medicate you because it is a violation of the United States Constitution!

It should always read one nation under God and not peace for those who want the religious concepts to become archaic that lead one to a greater understanding of humanity.

Tennessee has passed a law that if a woman uses drugs while pregnant she is charged with assault and put in jail!  Tennessee got it right and Wisconsin should follow!

Honest to God if you wanted to make antibiotic resistant diseases that is exactly how you would go about doing it!  Pumping livestock full of antibiotics!  You can't get much worse than that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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