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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why Schizophrenics Don’t Have Friends 05 28 2014

Why Schizophrenics Don’t Have Friends 05 28 2014

The reality is that there are a great many who are dependent minded to the divided mind of someone labeled schizophrenic.  Because that is true it means that whenever you try to make friends with someone their self image is going to change because of the relationship with you compared to their idea of that relationship to you prior.  What happens is that they view themselves as a pet to you because you are more intelligent than them and also because you have a basis of premises for your memory that they do not have!  Because they then view themselves as a pet to you it means that they are going to rebel against you so that they can view themselves in the favorable light again.  In other words reality greatly compromises their self esteem!  What that means is backstabbing, insult, pushing alcohol and drugs on you, talking about you behind your back in untruths; basically anything an animal pet would do if it had a partial human mind.
Monotheism was not created out of chance by necessity by those who had the defective hippocampus.  In that most shocking psychiatric video about psychiatry it reveals that the United States School System was transformed (1940’s?) to be mental health reform institutions (and that is not the exact articulated wording.)  But what it attempted to achieve was to allow those who were not born capable of having their own human soul a chance to learn to be like human beings!  That is why we saw the rise of Catholic School molestations by priests and also bullying.  It exemplifies the frustration the animal minded failure at fitting in in our country of human rights and freedom.  And they are indeed created through alcohol and drug use as well as miscegenation and inbreeding.  The school system attempted to give the students their own personal scapegoat to learn from.
You can never have friends with this unhuman race because they do not want to view your human mind as being superior; they want to always believe you are a scapegoat or lesser.  Just as is the case in the animal world concerning wolves or Gorillas.  
How can you tell?  Two normal human beings those labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud if you will who are not being demonically possessed could sit next to each other and each read a different book rather quietly and peacefully.  If you add a defective hippocampus to the mix instead of one of the human beings that dh will have a lot of anxiety, restlessness and won’t be able to sit still with patience and read or learn!  In effect they will have to do disruptive behavior!  And really any chemical you try and give them will make it worse!  Why?  Because childhood isn’t something that can be pushed.  They have to learn to their natural ability.  Some scientists will tell you that even one drop of alcohol can cause mental defects in a fetus!  Those defects are more likely than not to happen in the hippocampus the area of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

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