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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alzheimer’s Is 05 14 2014

Alzheimer’s Is 05 14 2014

Alzheimer’s can be thought of as reaching a certain age and believing in every like you told and therefore being very unhappy because you are confused because you can’t make practical sense of the world!  In other words that is your fate in middle and elderly ages; the only knowledge you have that you know of is the lies that you told to other people!  Hence it comes full circle because they are worthless in terms of your personal living; just as worthless as the advice you gave to other people for money?
That can never be cured!  (People can be prevented from lying but once they build a career based on lies the dementia and Alzheimer’s cannot be cured!  Alzheimer’s can be thought of as terminals at the ends of train tracks; formed when a person spoke in a manner of a salesman just to end the issue or concern of the other person without relating in any true manner to the validity of it.  In other words that is a place in an electric arc of someone’s memory that will do them no good if they try and follow it themselves!  Hence plaques form there for lack of use?  So plaques might be thought to be a head full of holes from empty lies!  Just imagine a person like that trying to think how frustrated they would become because nothing they believed is valid!  -It was all formed from trying to cajole and convince and therefore basically lies or invalid premise; and again the invalid premise is the dead end in a memory chain?  (I am indeed using a metaphor of how a path of lightning travels in a jagged manner in terms of how thoughts flow from neuron to neuron and take different paths base on ones valid memories and knowledge! And there have commonly been three dimensional graphics that have been  used to represent that concept!)
And that is the best poetic justice there is!
The “Dead Sea Scrolls” mention the process of how those that live a life of lying treachery lose their minds here:  Insert text here.

And why did I write that?  Because I know what the h311 that is and no one else wants to say it!
One thing they taught us in Catholic School is that when you tell one lie you have to tell another and pretty soon you are in a over your head!  Perhaps that is the meaning of a coward dies a thousand deaths!  I think of this as I think of how the management of the Corporate Catholic Church kept everything that priests did, sexually molesting children, a secret!

Perhaps there is a valid consideration to make concerning those who live to old age and have abused alcohol all their lives and are found to suffer from dementia?  In terms of what is the cost to society?
Off topic.
The purpose of the queen.  Let’s say that you have a girl that doesn’t know if she is a girl or a boy.  In effect she has no accurate sense of sexual identity.  If she believed in the Queen as a role model she would have something to pre-occupy her mind with and not drive men, whom she believed she was or wanted to believe she was, crazy!

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