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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Very interesting points concerning evolution 05 01 2014

This article is very interesting in conjunction with the fact that do the fact that humans can't produce their own vitamin C. 

The blood clotting of human reproductive fluid versus dogs.

The content of citrate is high in the human prostate.

The fact that humans cannot synthesize their own vitamin C.

And the fact that alcoholics are deficient in C.  If you have had two drinks in one year you are an alcoholic; IMHO.

Also on television an India Indian man once stated that we evolved from wolfs.  You put those four factors together and well, do you see why Ger is the Hebrew word for strange and Germany is a beer drinking nation?  It has to do with the ability of alcohol to devolve humans!

Alcoholics are deficient in Vitamin C.

It might explain why some human  beings hear voices in their heads from a pack of something that isn't quite human?  Monotheism being the idea of only allowing one true thinking human being to be around?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I will put it on my list to do research onto dogs in the Bible.

Also the gestalt of the Sikh religion that I am getting is that the desire to link their minds to a higher consciousness is indeed consistent with a pack of wolves desiring to be uniform with the wolf pack leader and also the equivalent of the worship of false idols rather than the worship and maintenance of ones mind and body.  So we have Ayurveda polytheism belief in the health of ones mind and body versus a transformed version of English druid monkey worshiping Imperialist monotheism that conquered India; Sikhs?  Polytheism belief in oneself also means that you want other people to believe in themself!!!!!  Now here is the great conflict in the United States today, those who do not want human beings to believe in themself!  Polytheism is I believe in myself and can hold my own and I expect the exact same of you!  The Puritans were polytheists.  Monotheism is the exact opposite!  And if you don't want other people to believe in themselves how far will you go to achieve that?  Would you facilitate selling them poisons that cause birth defects?

I like the spelling of themself rather than Thems Elves.

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