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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Here is what we do with New York 05 31 2014

Here is what we do with New York 05 31 2014

We line the center of the streets with those rectangular school luncheon tables.  The New Yorker gets to leave his house three times a day to sit at that table and eat the green meal nutrition loaf.

No you don't get to drive a car!  No you don't get to loiter near the basketball playground.  No you don't get to have jobs regarding finance!  No you don't need to congregate other than that!  No you don't get to drink anymore wine, beer or liquor.  Let's see what else does the New Yorker like to do?  Normalize violence by the criminally minded retard in the theater and movie screen.  So no you don't get to do that anymore either!  You will be given broom to sweep the street where you ate after each meal.  You are not allowed to keep the broom and sharpen the end against those serving you the green meal nutrition loaf.

Who are you kidding, you don't know how to cook!  Your idea of teaching how to cook and for that matter success in every profession is a high strung panic psychotic running around yelling at everyone!  No one ever needed to see that on television!

I'll tell you what you can do with your retard howling enforced community rule from the Dead Sea Scrolls; you sit there at that table three times a day for as many years as it takes until you learn the true meaning of community!

And no you don't get to watch anymore television!  You get to think about how to be a nice person!  You don't get to transmit electricity through the air in any manner either, be it radio, satellite,  television, internet or wireless phone or internet! Enough of that!  We weren't meant to be blasted with electricity through the air!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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