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Monday, May 26, 2014

On the Milwaukee Journal Article Sex Offender Disparity Cited 05 26 2014

On the Milwaukee Journal Article Sex Offender Disparity Cited 05 26 2014

Because it is being applied subjectively means one of two things.
Some people who were on that sex offender list have had their names and crimes eliminated from it!  That is corruption!  What is implied here?
1.        Those who are to apply it don’t believe in the validity of it.
2.       Some of those who supported it and the application of it only did so to use it to frame good men and women of the United States who had child porn sent to their emails unasked for.  And some of that comes through Google servers!  In other words they choose someone that they know is a “normal” and healthy minded human being send it to their inbox and then cry foul and publicly humiliate them in order to dislocate that human soul.
3.       If a sex offender can fork over enough money they are absolved of the crime in the publics eye?
4.       Some very wealthy males and woman have broken the sex offender law so therefore the application of it becomes corrupted in order to preserve wealth and status!  We very well know that some high ranking corporate executives in the Milwaukee area have been convicted of sex offenses against children.  And the standard of guilt had shifted a little bit in that the child did not have to prove as much.  Now I can’t remember the accusations against Johnson of was it Johnson Controls that I read in the Milwaukee Journal but I bet that his name is not on that list.
5.       Also there have been some who have attended by High School Whitefish Bay who have been convicted and of sex offender offenses and were not on that website after a time.

So how do we eliminate crime in our Justice system?  The most effective way would be to stop writing those guilty of corruption in our Judicial System from receiving their next paycheck! Asked why they didn’t get a paycheck just tell them they are no longer employed and then ask them to turn in their keys to the courthouse.  Also we are going to need more than a sex offender website we are going to need a corruption website!  Including a pure accusation of corruption website.  We really don’t want adults guilty of betraying the public trust from being empowered in any other adult function in the United States!  And those accused have a right to dispute the accusation on that same website.  However what we are finding out is that the Supreme Court cannot even back up in writing their own legal opinions!  In fact they change the reasoning as their culpability of opinion changes!
What this is evidence of is that there are adults in our midst in the United States who have complete lack of human conscience and human reason; that which defines us to be human beings over animals in the Uniform Bill of Human Rights put out by the United Nations!
And what was the whole point of that law?  So that human beings, new couples in love seeking to raise a family, would know not to move into a house next to one that had a child molester in it!  To subvert that law is the devil hiding its identity among us!

I would go so far as to say that anyone guilty of sexually molesting a child with the intent to render sterility should get the death penalty.  In fact I created a petition with the White House stating that but it has been removed.  It has been removed at the same time we learn that the sex offender law is being applied subjectively.

And what is the point here?  The court might not be able to convict someone because of money and corruption in our judicial system.  But when the court has found factual evidence that should have led to conviction that information is all that is needed to add an update to the sex offender website!  Why?  It is factual!  16 hard drives believed to be full of it, with the contents of one verified would seem to be enough to me!  And if you don't like it isn't it better that someone like that leave the country rather than you or me?  That isn't the standard of the United States no matter how many beer commercials there are related to professional sports.(Doesn't seem to relate but it does!)

Thomas Paul Murphy
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