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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In order to steal a soul the women would have to 05 21 2014

In order to steal a soul the women would have to 05 21 2014

In order to steal a soul the women would have to take on some of the skills and profession from the man whose soul that they stole!  But they cannot accurately do that because their brains are smaller and wired differently!

And when a soul is reclaimed those who stole it are stuck in a desperate loop!  They have no option in life other than to try and steal it again through attrition!  The world would be well served to identify these people and provide them three meals of mush and clean drinking water a day.

And if she doesn't work she doesn't feel in control in life because she has the belief that ALL men are incompetent!  It is only true of her household!

She was only meant to raise children if that!  But because she works she cannot even do that!  In fact work is a distraction to her from having to raise her own children.  And that would have been her most important function in society!  (There is a group of about 21,000 women who are petitioning that mothers should be able smoke marijuana because it is so hard to be a mother!  The answer to that is that you were never meant to be one nor were you raised to be one!

And because of her actions she has to work because she creates the incompetency in men.

And sons raised by single mothers or in families where a woman dominates men are likely to be homosexual because their brains are imprinted by that of a woman and not a man.  Now that makes sense to me!  And if that is true then you cannot blame them for being that way and it is true what they say about themselves that they just are that way!  So that is how it makes sense to me now.  Where the gender identity issue comes from!  A woman's brain is smaller than a mans and cannot adequately imprint a sons.  A son needs a man with a mans brain because a mans brain is bigger and he knows how to confidently do things without having to worry about them.  So real men are indeed more calm cool collective and level headed because of this!  And a woman is just full of questions!  Just as a son is to a father and that is natural.  Perhaps when a woman stops asking questions is when problems occur?  For a long time in my life I have looked at people at thought for the love of God how come you can't understand something as simple as that???  The answer is because they have a woman's brain or were imprinted by a woman's brain!

So unless that woman finds true love in her life she is always going to be miserable and not content because she has a woman's brain!

And this does get into alpha and beta brain waves.  The beta waves are the waves of the working man.  The alpha waves that of the thinking man.  She would seek to use active denial and harassment technology to keep a mans brain in the alpha wave state so that she could better understand it?  But she really wants to defeat it because it will ALWAYS be better than hers!

And she sometimes has male anatomy gender and therefore no Governance issues should ever be made by someone like that in the entire world!  Perhaps the way to bring peace to the world is to bring justice to her and force her to admit what she is?

If somebody walked past you and called you a dog would you be offended?  That is exactly what Jesus Christ called a woman and her two sons DOGS!  They were uncircumcised Canaanites!  So much for believing that Jews were Canaan's in those days because real ones were not!

And no one on the entire earth should be subjected to having something explained to them by those that have learned it from them!  And what a game!  You learn something from me and attempt to teach it back to me for money?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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