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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trademark Law 05 29 2014

Trademark Law 05 29 2014

When can disputes be thought of as just this?

"Not wanting to say a customer is a customer of yours?"

The solution to such a dispute would be to surrender profits made from such class of customers back to such customers?

So and so can't mention a brand of cigarettes because when he dies of lung cancer it is bad publicity for that company?  And they are less able to create more cases of human lung cancer for profit?

It would be the devil among us who would brag about how much money he made in his famous investment career by profiting from the sale of a product that caused lung cancer?

That has been one of the greatest insults to the United States Constitution there ever was.  The far greatest however is the medical fraud of schizophrenia.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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