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Saturday, May 31, 2014

On Eric Shinseki 05 31 2014

On Shinseki

I have not read his biography but I am basing these comments on what I believe to be true about him.

I don't see how he became a United States 4 star general.  His actions are more consistent with what a Chinese Communist soldier would do from the Viet Nam War than a United States 4 star general.  Also many prominent U.S. figures asking him to resign is propagandizing that resignation should be the only level of punishment he should receive.  Don't his actions amount to negligent homicide in some way?

And one more thing about Shinseki, a faction of the oriental race believes in death before dishonor.  Therefore perhaps it would be wise to have Shinseki kept under surveillance in a hospital setting so that he does not practice that ritual before he can be questioned in more detail.

And the simple questions would be, since you had such little regard for American lives at the VA how did that mindest influence your career on the battlefield type decisions in the United States military.  One could also draw an analogy between the deaths at the VA and deaths by friendly fire in combat situations and ask him a question on that basis!  And to get to the point one might have him answer a questionnaire that is designed to evoke responses based on issues of Personal Liberty, Freedom, Human rights, etc.

One might also ask him who was influential in his career advancement in the United States military.

Can any Viet Nam Veteran verify that he indeed served in Viet Nam.  And that might indeed seem like the dumbest question there is but I still have to ask it!

There is just something wrong here!  The contradiction is to blatant!  We can't verify his actions overseas but we know what he has done while at the VA.

After reading his biography I see that he designed a program called Future Combat Systems.

He is of Japanese Nationality.  It is stated that the first thing the Japanese ask one another is what their blood type is.  I would want to know if Shinseki's is RH-!  When you read the common characteristics of the Rh- bloodtype you realize it is a completely different race that behaves like a different species! 

I can tell you that my neighbor works for the VA in Human Resourcs and there was one of those G@d D@mned things mounted in his garage rafters from the German Beer Baron heir Lawyer that lived there before him.

As you look at that device below ask yourself if he has placed them throughout the entire country through VA affiliates?  If so it is the greatest war against freedom and our democracy that was ever started!  The costs to American Families has been untold!  The horror that someone like this would create!  He likely was a participant in adding trillions of dollars of fraudulent health care costs to our national debt while at the same time creating horror in America!

What we are going to find out is that the VA has been infiltrated by organized crime!  We are also going to find out that some operatives in the VA are using equipment to facilitate synthetic telepathy in the medical fraud of schizophrenia.  A Colonel John Alexander of the United States military admitted in 1991 that the department of defense had created this technology.
This is what one of those devices looks like.

And one more thing about all of Shinseki's medals.  I remember being in the Boy Scouts and asking a friend of mine who became an Eagle Scout in a different troupe than mine what he had to do to get those medals.  Now my memory is vague but I seem to remember the criteria being a whole lot less than was in my troupe.  In my troupe they pushed pot and alcohol on us, etc.  (I had that Catholic School troupe shut down!) If that disparity is in the Boy Scouts I also believe it exists with regard to medal awards in the Military.  In fact I know that it does.  How?  I watched that news television show where a man who got his whole platoon and 16 soldiers on a helicopter that came to rescue them killed be awarded one of the highest medals there is in the military by Barrack Obama!  That is evidence enough for me.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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