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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Free Energy 05 25 2014

Free Energy  05 25 2014

Tesla’s ability to send electricity through the air was the particle beam, the magnetron generator (Credit given to someone else but it had to be based on Tesla!) They stole it and incited WWII in some way?  Also transmission of electricity through the air is done with microwave radiation, radio waves, millimeter waves.  All of those are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  And all of those are transmission of energy!
The collector or receiver of electricity through the air is the photovoltaic electricity producing solar panel?  There is also cell technology that can convert radio waves back into electricity!
Now I don’t know when the first photovoltaic energy collecting and electricity producing cell was invented.  I could look up the stated dates of inventions.  But what we have been told is that this high technology is created at least 10 years before the public ever knows about it!  When I think of WWII and the aftermath of it I think 1930 to 1955.  But here is what I believed happened.
And it is based on this idea:  For all his (Tesla’s) technologies potential it has primarily only been used as a weapon!  In other words its purpose was clean energy and instead it is used as a weapon against those who believe in clean energy!  (Luddite or Lead ite was a term used to describe the English aristocracy; as they were afraid of technology.  I could get into the most successful investor in the history of the United States and his investment in cigarettes.)  So there is evidence of an odd form of hatred in history.  That of being left behind as incompetent?  Of loosing wealth and the power related to it!
Instead energy technology was developed into odd things of hatred against human beings?
Illegible sentence.
That has been 100 years of hatred, jealousy and deceiving of men?
Instead of bring peace to the world it was transformed in horror to drive human beings actively permanently temporarily insane!
Those who would cause a human being to hear voices have to have an animal type biological metabolic marker somewhere in their body fluids or gasses?  They ought to be ashamed to go out and be seen in public for what they have done!
HOW EARLY ON WAT THE ENERGY RECEPTION PHOTOVOLTAIC CELL REALLY PRODUCED?  I BET AROUND THE 1920’s!!!! About the same time that Prohibition of alcohol started!
I believe that we had the technology to live in peace at that time!  But instead out of spite the wealthy re legalized alcohol and incited WWII on many national fronts!  And the invention of the receiving end of Tesla’s technology was hidden at the same time!  Isn’t that God Awful!  What was also part of the motivation?  The wealthy make their money on their money from Utility dividends and interest!  The free energy was another cause for concern because that industry would have seen the setting sun!  And what has happened because of this?  We have water polluted with Mercury to the point whereby there is a health advisory all throughout Wisconsin!  Some have even stated that the human race evolved because it ate fish.  So you eliminate that and you also regressively devolve the human race!
So how hard would it have been to create the photovoltaic cell in the early 1900’s?  An inventor probably determined how much sand collected the heat energy of the sun and started there.  Easy enough right?  Then he modified or kept tinkering with silica until he figured out it could collect an electric arc in the right attenuated configuration? Easy enough!!! And that is just off the cuff thinking.  So it really isn’t that outer space high tech is it!  And they did have this level of intelligence back then!  They did indeed tinker with distances between electrodes and filaments and materials to create light in a vacuum with tungsten and a light bulb!   So it is really corollary inventive thinking to that and not far fetched for the early 1900’s! So did Tesla really invent it?  His works were indeed stated to be confiscated by the Queen Bureau of Investigation AKA FBI?  Also Wilhelm Reich’s ability to transmit disease was also confiscated?  I also believe this is at the heart of much medical fraud in the United States today!  And you know what there has to be a catch up factor to it coming some time; just like the Boy who Cried Wolf!
The technology had the opportunity to bring peace to the world but instead it was used as a weapon against humanity!
And the proper terminology for people like that is “Spoil sports!”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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