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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Stoning of the Freaks is how the human race was created 05 30 2014

The Stoning of the Freaks is how the human race was created 05 30 2014

It was neither evolution nor creationism in the pure sense of those meanings.
In the pre swine and wine Israel the whores were stoned!  They were not in the Roman Empire nor in the reign of Jezebel!  If they stoned the whores they also would have stoned the pimps.
The human race did not form through diversity!!!!!  It was formed through the exact opposite of diversity!
Jesus never healed one single blind person!  First of all he only healed Jews!  And those that he likely healed that said they were blind likely just had their eyes closed and then opened them!  Gypsy type fraud.  But what does the Bible want you to believe that the blind can be healed?  So that they are not stoned!  And why don’t they want them to be stoned or where does the fear of them being stoned come from?  Because they have no vision they are used as “dream catchers”; in witchcraft.
When you see a woman on television who was in the workforce brag about how being sexually liberated advanced her professional career (oxymoron right there) realize that in the formation of humanity someone like that would have been stoned!  However Jesus stated that the whores should not be stoned!  He went against pre wine and swine bone Israel Law!  And the Romans enslaved the Jewish women as prostitutes!
What is the point?  I don’t know where the propaganda of the United States being a melting pot originated from.  The melting pot was formed to create the Liberty Bell to warn us against the bastard monkey worshiping tattooed British!  In fact every fiber of our Constitution was written to prevent us from being victimized by freaks or the formation of groups of freaks!  The Constitution prevents religions from favorable tax treatment because that is a law that respects religion and is therefore prevented by the United States Constitution!  Also receiving a tax break for raising a child whose parents could not raise it is also a violation of the Constitution because again it is a law that respects a spiritual belief or Religion and therefore unconstitutional.
If our Founding Fathers knew that drug dealers were reigning in the United States they would be rolling over in their graves mad as h311!  Allowing someone with that little respect for  human rights to live is a direct contradiction of every fiber of the United States Constitution that was created to prevent us from being victimized by freaks.
One more point.  Social Security was created not in support of the freaks!  It was supported for the benefit of working Americans.  So that Industry would not drain their lives and money.  When you hear that in Wisconsin a family that has a mentally retarded child receives $80,000.oo a year to take care of it in comparison to a retired public school teacher that might receive $3,000.oo a year in retirement social security you know very well that another violation of the United States Constitution has occurred- the Creation of a Confederacy.  Many Confederacies have been created, from Ivy League Universities hazing students, to Fraternities (Fratricide means to kill your brother), to skull and bones, to the power of Organized Religion that has committed crimes that both the Puritans and the pre swine bones and wine Israelites would have stoned them for!  Pro Life is in no way the teachings of Jesus Christ!  The nuance is that he sacrificed a human being that could not be cured.  He also sacrificed another one when the San Hedrin were after him.  And indeed he sacrificed a third too.  It is in veiled language in the Bible but it is there!  The Sacrifices are called lambs and oxens and Jesus called himself up to a point, the good Shepard.  The point being is that lambs is a metaphor for person.  He was also about to sacrifice one when him and his apostles were armed and cut off a child’s ear with a  sword.  But it was already too late that region had been invaded by the horrific Romans.  The Bible tells us that all of the followers of Jesus Christ were killed by Saul who was from the Orient and whose name is translated to Paul!!  Paul was Satanic minded, we know that because the seizure that he had… we are told it changed his entire belief system.  That means that he was a dolt head before that descending of the Holy Spirit.  And that descending of the Holy Spirit was just the disseminated ejaculate from a human being, one who likely had to remain in hiding because of monotheism!  Do you get it?  That disseminated soul was meant to help raise one’s own children naturally through the air and not be taken up by the mind’s eye of the blind in order to victimize the human race with.  What we consider to be a human being as having a human conscience and human reason would have been considered a God in Biblical times!  Monotheism was started when a retarded child was kept and not sacrificed by sword and it has paused the human race for over 2000 years.  A retarded or genetically mutated child will never have the capacity for their own human reason or human conscience.  And the United States Constitution was created to protect us from that mal influence.  Like it or not!  A human being is defined as having their own human conscience and human reason.  That influx of diversity that the United States has experienced has not been accompanied with human conscience and human reason.  Everyone who is accurately labeled schizophrenic in the United States today is a person who had their own human conscience and human reason, and they are victimized by those who don’t and cannot form their own.  To create a law that states they can be either involuntarily medicated or imprisoned is a law that respects the religion of creating them and that is illegal!  It is also a law that respects the Vondoon religion and therefore illegal.  Yep they have been at it for some time trying to reinterpret the Constitution and then render it worthless for their misinterpretation. 
Gay marriage is also a law that respects religion as it is one of the most blatant insults of spiritual belief a person can have.  Also granting charitable status to religion is indeed creating a law that respects religion and that is illegal to do!
I remember once a fellow asked me for $20 to buy drugs with.  He was a friend of some dirt ball at the Gas station I worked at.  Later on I heard that he was in River West Milwaukee and was attempting to sell drugs to children when one after another child appeared out of nowhere carrying bricks and they stoned him!  They almost killed him!  This as back late 80’s.  Do you know what I thought about that?  Amen!  Many of stories like that are in a novel that I wrote but never perfected because the yelper and polish writing group I was in didn’t like it.  They said no one would want to read that!
The freaks were stoned as creationism; meaning Good God I am not going to raise that one!  That ended with the birth of monotheism and allah or whoever it was pardoning that baby from the sword.  Also the freaks were stoned as natural selection meaning Good God I am not going to raise that one!  And that ended to with the advent of monotheism.  And I am not antisemitic but I have to relay the information anyhow, that is where the first You-Mans who were Jews came from.  They ate the fermented apples on the ground that were forbidden fruit and the result was genetic defects do to fetal alcohol syndrome.  YouMan phonetically the same and Human means that they are each someone else and said I am “You man” in their defense.  That is also who Cane and the Canaanites were!  They were not Israelite's but evicts from Israel where there was neither wine nor trichinosis swine.  Adam and Eve were pardoned because they were evicted and not stoned.  The forbidden fruit was the gene mutating alcohol in rotten apples.  It first and foremost causes a birth defect that is responsible for memory and learning and therefore the human soul.

And speaking of trichinosis many parasites can cause many different forms and symptoms of mental illness. However every psychiatrist that has ever been asked if their are scientific tests that can be used to diagnose it will tell you that there are none!  That is medical fraud!  So why is it done?  It can only be thought of as being done because those that are doing it are already mentally defective and hence believe it doesn't make a difference if a human being is disabled?  They make money from it.  And when any human being thinks it is a direct contraction to their self esteem!  Why?  Because they do not have that ability because of a defective hippo campus!  They have the You Man ability.  But that is fatal to the You Man!

And who are the children put up for adoption?  They are the children of the whores that would have been stoned!  And are they different?  Yes!  Why?  Because they are not imprinted through the love of their own biological fathers.  That makes them a lesser race.  Also that likely woman and man were drunk during conception and the female while pregnant hence that child will likely have a hippo campus defect related to the formation of a human soul as defined above.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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