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Monday, May 19, 2014

Complete lack of human reason 05 19 2014

Complete lack of human reason 05 19 2014

God will provide, God’s will, blah, blah blah; in a world of the brain defective mentally retarded everything comes from the normal!  That is what the religious concept of God is about; the normal!  It is the normal who are subjected to the mental voices of the mentally retarded!  That is where the medical fraud of schizophrenia comes from!

And to make the fate of humanity very much worse:
Very important decisions based are made based on what they believe they learn from depriving you of thinking!!!!  It is really because they can’t think and desire that decisions are still made on their basis!  Complete lack of human reason!  And to make matters worse; they always want to apply your conclusions about other people in some way as justice with regard to you!
But about the only thing they can learn from you and translate in application is how to be frugal with money!  And what that translates to in Government is that instead of the fabric of society being maintained the personal attitude they have when in Government is that of not spending any money!  And that comes from the origin that they know that they can never truly earn money!  Anyone who would deprive a human being of their own work skills cannot earn money!  And you are deprived when you hear voices!
And if you assumed that that was a monkey among us; the most fun it would ever have in its life would be to deprive a human being of their ability to think! 

We have free speech and the interpretation of that has changed over the course of history.  Is saying something antisemitic really the equivalent of rebuking slavery? I ask this as between the civil War and WWII there was a lot of change that happened that seems to have put the world in the wrong direction.  Per our Constitution we have the right to free speech that cannot be infringed.  Also no law may be made that respects religion!

And I am still not antisemitic because I know that Jews suffer from the affliction of hearing voices!

I could just as easily blame any religion on earth; and the blame for those without the capacity for human reason and human conscience does indeed fall on every religion on earth!

Now I hope to have the time to give you some very relevant notes from the Gospel of Barnabas.  Jesus used a metaphor of being a good shepherd of the people.  It really means he used a metaphor of sheep for person!  In both the Bible itself and in the Gospel of Barnabas there is text that reveals that Jesus himself took human sacrifice!  I have more to relate than just that and the issue of skin color comes into this too! 

But wait if the sacrifice of a lamb is a metaphor for a sacrifice of a human being (and it is) then the sacrifice of an oxen is a metaphor for the sacrifice of a big dummy!

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