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Friday, May 9, 2014

More Evidence Jesus Christ was a Sodomite Homosexual 05 09 2014

More Evidence Jesus Christ was a Sodomite Homosexual 05 09 2014

Here is the second opening line to the Gospel of Barnabas an Apostle of Jesus Christ;

"I am  writing that truth which I have seen and heard, in intercourse that I have had with Jesus..."

Okay this male was an apostle of Jesus Christ and this Gospel/information was conveniently left out of the Bible!!!!!

What have I implied by Sodomites?  That there is information uptake when they do that!  And will also imply that anyone who stares as if they are staring at their forehead while they are thinking is a sodomite uptake homo!  When a normal human tries to remember something that is not how they look; they instead look as if they are reading something about 3 feet in front of them from left to right in order to remember!

This also implies that the sodomite demonizes human beings by INVERSE IMPRINTATION and the medical fraud of creating the mentally ill for profit!  Their memories are wire to circumvent introspection via the hippo campus which is defective in them! (from alcohol on conception or other genetic factors!)

The profound implication is that for over 2000 years we have been taught to worship a sodomite homosexual!  It explains the church sexual molestations doesn't it!  I do not worship the homosexual, the downs syndrome entity, the asperger, the autistic or  the fetal alcohol syndrome child!  That is a violation of the Constitutional separation of Church and State!  Nor can any government aid or money be given to these people because it is the equivalent of making a law that respects religion and that is against the United States Constitution.  Also ending Prohibition was a violation of the Constitution because alcohol is what creates the mentally defective whom are genetically defective.  And it also creates the inbreed, through sloth not wanting to work and therefore not being able to attract a mate outside of the family and through consumption and resultant incest as in the Emperor Caligula raping his sister on the feast table!  You don't like any of my ideas but they do hold water!

Now I just started reading that Gospel so you can expect more from me from it in the future!

And I know what you want to say that intercourse as a word meant something different back then.  The corroborating evidence is that it didn't or that Jesus Christ was still a homo, in the scene from the Bible where he encounters the Demoniac!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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