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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bloomberg on Guns 05 31 2014

I had often thought how better off Germany would have been if at some time during Hitler’s scale up someone had put a bullet straight through his head.  I still think that way today!  My beliefs never have changed and I don’t want them to be subjected to someone telling me that they should change because they for no articulated REASON agree with them. One of his laws that he made was to first make all the citizens register their guns.  Then he confiscated them from the Jews so that they could not defend themselves.  I once saw a boxing match where the Jewish man stated that he could not hurt the other man because it was against his religion!  It just seemed odd to me.  I have to wonder if that is why the Jews didn’t fight rather than be rounded up and sent away.  Israel has the issue right today as all citizens are required to be in the service at around the time they reach adulthood.  So there is a difference in attitude between that faction and the faction in the United States if it can be categorized that way.  But the point here is that rather than wait for themselves to be drafted into the army in order to fight for their side in Germany they should have been proactive and not had the mentality that it was against their religion as the boxer did?  It was against your religion until you were drafted? Or it was against your religion only until you had to reach for gun in order to protect the ones that you love or those who were being killed in Germany in Genocide as you enlisted to fight for the United States army or were drafted to serve in WWII.

Quite frankly I believe that I would trust a Jewish person to own a gun moreso than the greater population.  The ones that I see seem to know right from wrong some what better than the general population?  But that isn’t really saying much.


Now I am bordering on anti-Semitism but it is only done in the det it is only done in hte emitism fense of the Jews.

Now I don’t know whether Mayor Bloomberg is Jewish or not.  But he received money from the Jews for upholding what they termed Jewish values!  And he is on track with his soda causing diabetes.  But the guns are indeed another issue entirely that bothers the heck out of me.

Howard Stern a Jew declared that Adolf Hitler was Jewish in his adamant tone.  I always took that to mean that he meant it via a genetic reason.  But now that I think about it I have to wonder if it wasn’t at a different level than that.  He believed in the occult.  70% of the Jews that he killed were Orthodox.  I don’t know if they practice the kabbalah which is the occult or not.  But I have heard that the religion has a tradition of cursing families.  And both those together therein I believe lies the cause of schizophrenia.  And who did Adolf kill first?  Those that were labeled mentally ill.  Now we see a lot of that come to relevancy in today’s political environment.  I am going to state without a doubt schizophrenia is medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific however because of the cause of them it is medical fraud.

So Adolf made everyone register guns and then he confiscated them.  We know that Mayor Bloomberg is working behind the scenes throughout the entire country to do what amounts to that exact same thing.  What I am seeing here is the gestalt of the start of the genocide of WWII happening per that same game plan today!  We have a very unique opportunity to see just who is behind this movement today don’t we! Let’s not make any mistake about the origin.

So Mayor Bloomberg stated that he didn’t believe that anyone he knew during college was responsible enough to own a gun.  He went to John Hopkins and also Harvard.  And I don’t know whether he is Jewish or not but let’s just say that he is because of the million dollar amount a Jewish organization gave him for upholding Jewish values.  What this means is that his friends in college would have also likely been Jewish?  So indeed he is declaring that Jews should not own guns just like Adolf Hitler did isn’t he!!!!

Now I know that I often appear to be like a racist in one manner or another.  Perhaps my only form of racism is that I believe that those diagnosed as having schizophrenia are of a different race and there is a great hidden form of racism to them!   They are discredited and hence no one believes that racism or any complaint that they have is valid.  Here is the proof that it is, they are 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it! So they were never lying once in their life about being hated!  Do you know where a lot of that racism that is not of me originates from?  The voices that interject my thinking and writing!  My writing and return to my core belief system is a lot clearer when I can type from where I am not dunned by voices interjecting (might call it cursing me)my mind with thoughts of racism!  Do you see what the problem really is?

And what are the causes of gun violence?  They are over drug use and in defense of becoming a prostitute?  None of those things should exist in the United States?  So where has been the valid power of the Ivy League Law graduate in our country to prevent that from occurring?  It has been nonexistent hasn’t it!  Can you blame someone for using a gun in defense of being forced into prostitution? No!  Can you blame a father who does not want his daughter having her entire life ruined from one hit of heroin using a gun in violence?  No!  And I know what everyone would want to say in a situation like that.  That they might be able to get off the hook because of the insanity defense?  That is absolute bunk!  When the prevalence of those events takes place that is not insanity; it is a human being responding to a threat against his life and the lives of those he loves!  That is not insanity!  And can we classify someone that gets a human being hooked on drugs or forces them into prostitution as a human being?  No!  Because those actions define that person as lacking their own human conscience and human reason!  You could have taken a job sweeping the street with a broom but that wouldn’t make you enough money to live the lifestyle you believed yourself to be deserving of; so instead you ruined the life of a human being by getting them hooked on drugs or made into a prostitute?  Let me ask you what defense someone like that has for their actions?  None!  But yet that trump card is never played against them!  They are never held accountable to the true level that they should be!

Is mayor Bloomberg the best witness of who should not own a gun and therefore their presence and living in the United States is a Contradiction to our Constitution.  Does he bear witness against himself?  Absolutely!   That is one Chess play of sacrificing a pawn that you really don’t want to use to defeat the United States Constitution!

If it is an impeachable offense to not protect the United States Constitution at the level of the President and that is the Supreme Law of the Land that same law means that it is also applies to every Government Politician in the entire land!  The Constitution trumps every single law that was ever created.  Don’t make us impeach you!  Please bow down, step out and resign!  Now I just read in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel one of the worst contortions of the spirit of the Constitution that was ever created.  The argument was that the purpose of owning guns was to create a militia and we don’t have a militia today so we shouldn’t be allowed to have them!  Just the exact opposite is true!  Not only that, that is not the true origin of the spirit of that law!  It originated because of an insipidus British element in our Country that tried to blitz Craig and conquer us!   And the people who tried to conquer were not like us in any single way.

Now let me put forth a defense to my belief that United States soldiers should not be subjected to war crimes when they get trigger happy I foreign nations.   First off all the standard defense is that the woman is smiling at you one moment and the next she is coming out of the mud hut with a AK-47 to take out your entire platoon that has been put off guard.  But more to the point about the difference that Government makes in terms of the type of people we fight in War.  In Pakistan a pregnant woman was stoned to death by 20 members of her own family  for seeking to marry a man that she loved that her family didn’t approve of.    The husband stated it was because they wanted him to pay money for her.  What that really means is that marriages in that country are not based on love but instead on money!  Good God; that makes them an entirely different race that us in the United States.  Now here is another example.  India has a class system.  Some poor young women in India do not have toilets in their homes.  They have to use the fields to go to the bathroom.  When they did recently members of the upper class, or the India wealthy, beat two of them , raped them , killed them and then hung them by a tree!  The police in India are in the pocket of the upper class and did not want to arrest the murderous killers for that reason.  I am not for inciting Civil War.  But If I were a world leader I would declare that a class system like that is perpetrating a crime against humanity and needs to be disempowered and have their criminally attained property taken from them. That is not a nation that deserves to trade with the United States!  As President I would find in unconscionable to trade with India and enrich that wealth class!  Management of Corporate America has absolutely no problem with trading with them!  Not one single United States Dollar should be convertible to India Currency nor should it be converted into Pakistan Currency.  I guess I find very little humanity in those who would marry for money and kill a family member who would marry for love?  But I am one of those people they want to politically censor by making them be subjected to the vondoon religion of psychiatry.  So I can see very well that you might not understand any of this.  In fact most times when I assert myself online the most frequent response that I get is, “That doesn’t make any sense to me!”  Okay I understand that is true about you, you don’t need to constantly explain to me that you don’t understand me.  Why not? Because I understand me!  And I also understand why someone would want to actively prevent me from using my own beautiful mind.

Now we are also seeing a conflict between China and Vietnam getting started.  Let me tell you that if you are one of these countries that believes in that marriage based on money and not love you never ever want to get into a military conflict that involves the United States in any single way!

When I read the morning paper I have a lot more valid content to offer than what you see right here!  When that voice can find me it will interject and actively prevent me from using my own mind!  Today I found a safe haven to write virtually free from that influence.  If you are an avid reader of my online newspaper you readily notice the difference.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

One more final point I have to make while I have the op to type.  The Orthodox Jews state that they want everyone to be aware of the kabbalah, what it means and know how to practice it?  They state that the reason for that occult is to find true leadership.  If you want everyone to be aware of it how come we do not see one official website that details it and explains it?  Do you actually believe that the population doesn’t know what true intention means or being true to a stated intention means? 

And if these are the last words that I ever type because I am murdered for writing this then I am still very proud to have written them!

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