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Friday, May 30, 2014

PIg Me or Pygmy meaning get me a pig? 05 30 2014

Pig Me or Pygmy meaning get me a pig?  05 30 2014

Is that  where the origin of the word Pygmy's (phonetically PigMe's) comes from?  Telling a short person who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome thereby making them short to hunt pigs for them?  Australia was used as a penal colony and it also has a wild boar population.  Was it first used as a penal colony for pigme's?  Those with fetal alcohol sydrome are short and stout like that.  And pygmys are indeed shorter. They also have mean eyes like munchkins.  Sure is a great way to utilize those with birth defects?  I can see why fetal alcohol syndrome children would be sent to a penal colony.  I can also see why black versions of them would be used to hunt pigs.  Hence the title Pig Me!  Jump on the back of that pig.  Where the first Pig Me's from the black race?

Do we know the history and genetic origin of the pygmy?

Makes one wonder if the PigMe's had role in bringing Dorothy to the land of nod?

Some lose analogy to a dog being a ratter that hunts rats or a bull dog hunting bulls or a sheep dog biting the nuts of sheep.

The term the Bear went through them like a buzz saw comes to mind.

I find the mean eyes like a fetal alcohol syndrome to be more common in those of English nationality.  Is that why they had such an affinity for the monkey as in the Druid Religion Winston Churchill was part of.   That is like Skull and Bones too; they have secret belief systems.  What does that make them the equivalent of?  That spiritual belief means that they are the equivalent of Religion!  Now should their be restrictions against those of secret religions as I have just proved Fraternities and Sororities to be, from making laws????  Yes no one that was a member of a group with a secret spiritual religious belief system ever had the authority to draft law in the United Sates!  Why, because we don't know what that secret spiritual belief system is it means that they are creating laws that respect religion and that is  one of the core tenet no no's of the United States Constitution!  Also would be breeding a being for a special purpose through alcohol to hunt pigs or human souls.  Adolf Hitler was pygmy like wasn't he!

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