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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Render Unto Cesar as the Death Penalty for White Collar Criminals and Management of Organized Crime 05 10 2014

Render Unto Cesar as the Death Penalty for White Collar Criminals and Management of Organized Crime 05 10 2014

That phrase that Jesus spoke never seemed consistent with his belief system of I will rule by sword until you think of it in these terms.  Unto means on top of!

When Jesus was showed that coin bearing Censers image that is what he said to do with it, "Render unto Caesar what bears his image!"  He meant that you bury him in that until he suffocates and has a heart attack!

That is neither cruel nor unusual punishment!  It is not unusual because that is what our Lord Jesus Christ told us to do!  Nor is it cruel punishment! Because a death would be assured from the standard weight of the coins.  It would not take very long at all?  And the tank could then be filled with water to boot or as the kicker!

And we don't even have to use actual coins.  We could use stamped washers and then use a magnet to pull them back up again.

I only mention this as there has been controversy over the administering the Death Penalty and botched executions!

If our Government can water-board as torture then quick weight of coin and drowning death is okay too!  Not psychotic at all considered what our Hillbilly presidents in league with Israel have authorized and committed!

And I just heard that the drug money made in the United States could be traced back to the Middle East!  That means that the drugs were indeed transported on the same ships that brought the black gold over!  Call them Texas T boats!

I believe that the executive management of our oil industry had to have known of this!

This indeed qualifies as a criminal insurgency and it needs to be put down just like the Civil War was labeled the exact same thing by the United States Government!

Render unto Cesar what bears his image!  Jesus would not have said that to mean give him all your money lest he kill you as a tax collector?  Unto means on top of!  Jesus had 80,000 followers that were killed by Saul who was from the Orient and whose Biblical translated name is Paul!

That drug problem has been a slow drain on our democracy, republic and it qualifies as an insurgency that has to end!

Per our Constitution you can Euthanize White Collar criminals equally with blue collar criminals!  The criminal mind lacks human reason and human conscience and is therefore not a human mind and therefore not a human!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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