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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Congregation Bathsheba Ant Farm New Cigar Box Guitar Single available for download!!! Only 99 cents!

Congregation Bathsheba Ant Farm
It has an industrial dance quality to it.  I feel as if I am in some basement warehouse dance club somewhere in Chicago when I listen to it.
Loosed the strings on my Cigar Box Guitar and set the Amplifier just right and this is what came forth.  When I listen to it I am either transported into a trance or find myself listening to a pure acoustic musical science fiction movie or the end of an eerie crime drama.  But perhaps what I like best of it is the biofeedback it gives to the origin of voices; hence it is a form of exorcising them from yourself.  And there is proof positive that it definitely has the power to rapture that element from your soul!  
“Here this is what you sound like and represent!  Something for you to reflect on while I listen to it!” 
It is like when a spinster type woman who worked in the Investment Industry showed me a picture of turkey vulture and said,
“This is what you look like.” 
“Yeah, okay spinster type woman or man listen to what you sound like!”
  “All abuzz inside ant or wasp hive?  Makes you so happy doesn’t it?  That high pitch swine like squeal is how sick you sound when you laugh at misfortune of others that you create!”
 An eerie beat with a crescendo cleaning climax and finish.  As if the power of God intercedes.  I also hear elements of a “Durango” Western in it; whatever that means.  And I hope this is the darkest song that I ever record!
Use this concept of biofeedback to make the voice hate itself!  If not by listening to the song that I created to help you to that then by songs that you record yourself and listen to.
A woman heard that I made music and asked me where I played.  I didn’t have an answer.  But the real reason is that I make music for me to listen to!  I like to listen to my own music!  You who hear voices should do the same because it exorcizes that spirit of voice from you!  Why?  Because that voice knows it is undeniably your work and not something it can claim in ownership!
Also I hear elements or a beat of a marching band in this music.
Now a little more commentary.  I once met a man who was a construction worker.  His hand was as hard as bricks as I shook it!  He had finished playing the piano in the Hallway of what is titled the Federal Building in Milwaukee.  To listen to him play was beautiful!!!  It was natural!  He stated that he played by ear!!!  I wonder how many composers compose  by hearing what a human being plays by ear and claiming it as their own?
Now I am going to get into Milt Jackson intentionally skipping a note on the piano and then repeating that mistake!  What that is; is also defying the will of demonic possession!  Why?  Perseverance of will!
Now contrast the construction worker to a man I recently heard playing jazz on a piano from the early 20th century.  He stated that without his music sheets sitting on the piano he could not play a damn thing!  Chop sticks at best he said.  And what he played was still beautiful but does a repeat ever have the same validity as the original musician?  And the original musician had to have composed by playing by ear?
So there is indeed a great dichotomy in music!
When you listen to the high pitched strings at the end think to yourself, “Hah hah that is what you sound like voice in my head!”  Or create your own music!  It works!

Download your copy for only 99 cents.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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