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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Demonic possession and marriage

Demonic possession and marriage

Demonic possession and that is what schizophrenia is, and marriage.
The other day I commented on Schizophrenia and marriage.  I left out the most important reason why it is doomed to failure.
In case you haven’t figured it out yet the reason that you can’t marry is because those people of the opposite sex who have possessed your soul do not want to kiss members of the same sex and have sex with them because it would be like them being forced to experience being raped by their same sex!
Not only that she that has demonically possessed you can’t stand it that you have a penis and she doesn’t! (penis envy to a greater scope and degree than was previously explained to you!)
Also in any relationship you have be very careful in that that woman is going to try to convince you that there is something wrong with you when there isn’t!  Also be very careful about acting on impulse and therefore being subjected to demonic possession and therefore acts that are not consistent with yourself or laws.  And I don’t believe anyone has the right to diagnose you as crazy because you sit alone in a restaurant and think of something very funny and cannot help but laugh!  Anyone who would diagnose you for that is jealous of your human soul!  Nor does anyone have the right to ask you what you think is funny!  You can look at an ogre and laugh all you want at them!  And indeed you have the right to defend yourself and your life against them with equal to force up to the point of deadly force.  And that has never been interpreted correctly by our judicial system!  The result has been that there have been countless victims to those who are stronger and criminals!  In woman versus man woman has the right to use deadly force to defend herself?  Some women are good God awful!  They would keep other women in prostitution!  In fact they are bigger than some men for some reason too!  Have there been women who have been pimps and enslaved men in gay prostitution?  Now we are getting into the concept of a public servant betraying the public trust!  When that happens by the Supreme Law of the Land you have the right to defend yourself against them!  However federal (queens) law is a different story!  (now I am getting off topic.  And there is a lot more I have written on the subject of Firefighters, Policemen and military service members who never bear any personal risk in their jobs because they live off a demonized soul but that is another article to type.  But only if you request that I do!  All it takes is one person to say, please take the time and type that for me to read.)

So what is the cure to schizophrenia?  The Bible tells us that the only cure is genocide of ¾ of the world’s population or that part of the population bearing the mark on the forehead and wrist.  And no one really wants to be the one to make that happen.  Of course we could try and ban the religion of alcohol and drugs; which cause the birth defect to the hippocampus that prevents the formation of the building blocks of the human soul.   And we could also mandate those of inbred brain structure to mate and marry with normal human beings who have a human soul and that is you schizophrenic.
In the history of the world there have also been religious cults that committed mass suicide but no one is hopeful of that of the ¾ of the world’s population implied?  That ¾ of the population does not us!  (And sometimes I am hopeful of that event taking place.  But they must be sure to take ALL those like them with them.)  The voices you hear come from those that are of the bottle religion and are born with a hippo campus defect of the bottle religion!
Do any of you actually like hearing voices?  No!  You find it to be a violation of your human rights as do I!
Believe it or not!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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