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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sour Pork, Egg and Cheese Sandwich Recipe 05 24 2014

Sour Pork, Egg and Cheese Sandwich 05 24 2014


Two slices of bread ( I used Whole Foods Seven Grain)
7 small thickness slices of ham ( I used Oscar Mayer sandwich slices.)
I slice of American cheese
3 brown eggs
Apple cider vinegar
Pineapple juice
Olive oil
dash Sesame oil
~3/8 t Turmeric
~¼ t Clove powder


Take about 6 leftover slices of ham and marinate them in apple cider vinegar, turmeric powder, clove powder and pineapple juice and a dash of sesame seed oil.
Start heating large frying pan with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in it until when you add the meat the frying pan sizzles.  Wad or roll up the pork slices and cut the meat slices into odd small pieces over the pan and let them fall in.  Scrape at them with a spatula until they start to caramelize like the bottom of the frying pan.  Don’t be afraid to scrape hard. When the meat is done and cooked crack three egg’s into the pan and toss the shells in the sink that has the stopper grate in it.  Now stir eggs and ham until the eggs are no longer liquid anywhere in the pan and are done.  Put two slices of a better white bread in the toaster until brown, remove and immediately add a slice of a American cheese to the top of one of the slices.  Use the spatula to scoop some of the pan mix on the bread cover with the slice that has the cheese on it.  Cut the sandwich into four parts because it is a meat fall out of the sandwich type sandwich and eat.

The pork will have a sour taste.
Gives the pork a unique flavor.  And there is enough meat to make a second sandwich so it could feed two with two more slices of bread and one more slice of cheese added to the ingredients list.  It is really a recipe to use leftover ingredients and pork just before it goes bad.  The meat mix I cooked above and did not eat I put in a large coffee cup and spooned out and ate like corned beef hash later.

Has a German taste to it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Put the egg shells in the garbage can.

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