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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The It is STILL TRUE Life Philosophy 05 06 2014

The It is STILL TRUE Life Philosophy 05 06 2014

Have you often been contradicted by those who have the expression of envy?  If so the tactic that you need to employ immediately or upon reflection is, “Why is what I said still true!”  Because you will often find out if you think about it, whatever it was that you asserted, is still true for many valid reasons.
How many people’s self esteem has been reduced by those who insulted them just because they asserted themselves?
And if you put yourself in the shoes of the other person you will realize that that is how they learn in the world!
Now you should have had this philosophy all your lifetime, but hindsight is 20/20.  And it is still a true philosophy to have.  So indeed what happens when you have not had this philosophy and review your entire life based on applying it?  You might find that you should really have the highest sense of self esteem there is!  And you might go back to that first day in your life when you asserted yourself and were insulted because of it and rethink it and that is indeed a source of recovery.

What you are going to find out was that there were indeed many reasons and premises that made what you asserted to still be true.  That is why the philosophy does not work for everyone!  When they try it it just creates more of a negative public image of them!  And when that happens of course they will blame those who asserted themselves in truth.  So that would indeed be the opportunity to reassert yourself and help solidify the definition of their class.  What you are also going to find out is that decisions that are made based on heart are far more valid in many ways that those that are based on reaction.

Often when we ask questions today we are insulted for asking them!   You should always consider it a universal world right that you can ask questions.

Perhaps the best question you can ask is why is my belief in myself still true?  Or why isn’t my negative belief in myself still true.  And this advice is particularly for those who hear auditory phenomenon. 
When you reflect on your young childhood family life do you feel as if you were the happy singing family that escaped into the mountains in the movie “The Sound of Music” 
“The hills are alive with the sound of music......”  The inference was that some where in harmony with creation and nature and some were not?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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