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Saturday, May 10, 2014

What did those boys do to you that 05 10 2014

What did those boys do to you that 05 10 2014

"What did those boys do to you that mad you want to look and act like a man?"


The above quotation brings up many interesting concepts with regard to human psychology.  Perhaps the best one of them being that females should never be allowed to drink alcohol because their brains are smaller than men's!

And the single mom can never truly raise boys to become men because her brain is smaller than a mans and a boys brain cannot be correctly imprinted from it!  It is like giving a boy a map the size of a softball when he really needs one that is the size of the whole earth in terms of its detail.

And this is indeed why many males become homosexual and also engage in pederasty.  Now you can see who they are by how they think on television.  They sit there and go into a trance.  While looking straight ahead.  As if they are waiting for the disseminated spirit of to superimpose over there brains in order to think.  I have to do it, that is how many people on television think including Dr. Phil and Barbara Walters.  This is in contrast to a person who has learned something by reading it from a book.  When you watch them think their eyes often move from left to right as if they are trying to remember what they read in a book!

Schizophrenia as medical fraud has been instituted by those who think like a receiving sodomite does!

The above quote was written with regard to lesbians and women in the workforce.  The next question becomes why do they believe it is so easy to be a man?  When you look at their actions and decisions both men and women alike you can often tell that their brains were not imprinted by the minds of their biological fathers!  And if a son is sodomized by his father his brain still is not imprinted to be that of a man; and likely never will be.

So do girls try and dress and act like men because they were abused by boys?  It they dress and act like men then they do not fear that abuse?  And here is one more key point I have to make regarding criminals.  It comes from seeing the photograph header for the clip of the Filipino (woman in the Philippines?)  woman who was gang raped on her first day as a house worker (maid).  Because there was not justice for her she becomes criminal minded too.  Why?  Because her only reward in life will be to participate with the victimize-rs in victimizing another human being like she was!  So this is indeed the construct of women believing that they can indeed be as good as the larger brains of men and where it comes from!  Her only role model to be a man was a criminal minded person that was not a human being because he did not have his own human reason or human conscience. 

That also brings up a very interesting concept with regard to war crimes by the United States.  I don't see how a member of our military can ever be guilty of murder in a War scene like the jungles of viet nam.  And my belief comes from the belief that a great many more people than you would ever suspect have been negatively influenced in terms of brain development by alcohol to not have brains that are human with human reason or human conscience.  The only one who would declare a human being guilty of murdering a defective brained person in a War zone would have to be a defective brained person themselves!  It is kind of like revenge or projecting ones own self hatred upon a brave member of your own military?  "Look at what he did when given a chance?  I knew he was bad all along and I was the competent and capable man!  You see he just proved it!"  You know as well as I that one minute that hag of a woman can be pretending to be very nice and the next she is coming out of her mud hut shooting your entire platoon down!  But the "Look at what he did when given a chance," still prevail don't they!  Even though that solder likely saved his own and many other American lives!  It has to do with those in world power being raised and imprinted by women with the minds of hags instead of men!  And that is indeed who gets voted into office!  Why?  The hag likes it!  Again because it makes her feel the equivalent of men when she never can be because she has a smaller brain that is wired differently from real mens and for that matter real womens!  And I could also bring in the topic of inbreeding but that is enough for now on this topic.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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