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Sunday, May 25, 2014

You are the lucky ones!!! 05 25 2014

You are the lucky ones!!!

Why?  Because you can hear who is with you!
There are plenty of people who say and do dumb things and have no idea who is with them!
You are lucky!  You can hear that misguiding influence!  There are those who are influenced and cannot hear it!
As to the source of that influence; at some point they will succumb to the fate of dementia and Alzheimer’s!  Why?  Because every false belief that they have believed about themselves will no longer be productive for them but rather detrimental!  The Dead Sea Scrolls also describes that somewhere but last I looked I could not find the relevant text again!
For example the process works through translational false meanings!  Here are some examples of the process to Alzheimer’s.
1.        Joey cheated on his biology test; later in life Joey didn’t realize he wasn’t supposed to lick a dogs butt (or woman’s crotch) and contracted E-coli.  J
2.       Or to get biblical.  Canaan killed his brother because he was jealous of his ability.  Cannan then built a house that fell in on him and killed him.  Not only that but the houses he built for his family fell in and killed them too?  Why because Canaan never really had the first person knowledge he thought he had!  In effect he was pre Alzheimer’s equivalent all his life! Jesus called Canaanites dogs right to their faces!!!
3.       Mary cheated all her life and then became a school teacher.  One day Mary had an accident and needed one of her adult children to drive her to the hospital.  They were unable to because they didn’t learn anything from her and she died?
4.       Bill thought there was nothing wrong with drinking liquor.  He sired a son that could not read.  If that son had been able to read directions and instructions Bill would not have died at 38 years old.
5.       Ralph lobbied for the rights of homosexuals to marry and got married.  His husband cheat on him and got a new form of aides and both died.
In all of those cases a will asserted itself where it should have never been allowed to do so for its own good!
In other words rather confidently they were their own worst enemy because they did not possess the intelligence commensurate with the high belief’s they had in themselves!
With regard to the origins of the voices; if they can’t hear you think they become very scared because;
1.        They don’t know who is with them!
2.       No one is with them and they are reversion to ignorance as a newborn?
Now imagine that 7 of them had children and that children got together and formed a Hydra in order to influence the thoughts of unsuspecting human beings?  For example an unsuspecting human being puts the wrong foot on the rung of a ladder and falls to break something.  Little did they know that spirit of the hydra was with them!  They are adept at being with you and you know it because you hear the voices not of you!  So we have established this ability to be with people.  Be glad that you hear those voices in compared to those who don’t.  You know they are one with you!  And that is how Satan took over the world?

You will know that they are with a relative of yours when that emotion they are expressing is not of their character or personality!  You will also see how this is true when they state assertions in arguments with you that have no basis in reality.  Such as them stating that they have been working in the mental health field for 40 years when that means they had to have been 12 when they were first hired!  Or the inability to believe a nightmare is not reality.

In my childhood I had a nightmare or two that were very real to me.  Might be related to heat at night.  (some I believe are related to Ambien.  And on 60 minutes tonight the medical fraud was exposed that women should only have half as much Ambien as men.) Some might also be related to ammonia exposure; it was used to clean toilets in our home at the time?  Pure speculation and I have not researched it.  But when ammonia builds in the body it is toxic?  It is also a byproduct of parasite metabolism?  Pylori???  And that is just weak memory of my research on my part passing for knowledge.

But I am going to go ahead and tell you of my two childhood nightmares?  Why?  I can hear your ears are perked up eager for the knowledge.  In one of them I heard footsteps banging up and down the stairs as if a witch was coming to get me! High heels clanking on wood floors. Now that dream did indeed have some precognitive elements to it as that was what happened in Chicago in 1991-1992.  Now let’s hope that the second nightmare of my life is not also precognitive!  At this time in my childhood my father had some about 18” x 24” painted posters of tanks and scenes from war.  I was a boy and liked to play army men.  So I taped them to my wall.  They were really nice.  My father also used to read adventure type stories to me before bed.  But in that second nightmare I could hear unending grinding of tank treads on the battlefield!  (much indeed like that scene from the movie Terminator circa production 1984 or so??.)  I was born in 1966 and was likely in the 2nd grade at the time.  But I was in a trench and all I heard was the horror of tank treads grinding around me.

In terms of those who do not know they are being influenced you can tell when they suddenly take on the “character” of emotions that are not normally their own!  As if that is an actor or actress speaking to you?  And this is not odd to think this way!  Jesus is stated to have had the ability to see when someone was demonically possessed too! And Jesus made had no allusion as to who was behind it.  It fact it is stated he knew who they were; that means persons!  And he did indeed violently storm into the temple and make a shambles of the business kiosks that were set up there!  And that is right out of the Bible; only me using a modern terminology to make it more understandable. Now you know the basis for it?  And how does demonic possession occur?  Does it happen from monopolizing of the work force?  Are there some elements of management that have no place in American business?  Demonic possession happens when you are influenced and cannot get out or remove yourself or assert your rights in that instance against the person that is pushing you?  In effect they have inverse imprinted your mind with their own hatred as a form of Catharsis and in more developed evil people to the point whereby they can see through your eyes because a defective hippocampus prevents them from introspection and introspective type thinking from day one in life!  And hence that is the origin of the phrase “I think therefore I am!”  It is a secret insult by someone who knew that he had members of a school of his thought.
So what conclusion should you come to?  That you bear a responsibility to the human race and those who do not know that there are “people” who are with them and could influence them in negative ways!  So if you start to think in those terms as someone who hears voices you don’t tend to dwell on your own misery with regard to them!  The focus changes from yourself to the safety of other human beings!  And that is one of the best things that can happen to you! Believe it!  Be aware who is with you and how they behaved before dangerous events happened!  That influence is there and sticks with you!  Sometimes when you part company with people their influence stays with you and you find that you are behaving or doing things that you would not normally attempt!  And that is kind of the way of the Buddhist to just let it go in one ear and out the other!  To deny its importance and influence on you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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