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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Paper Waste Reduction Act would put a lot of Publishers and Colleges out of Business 02 03 2016

A Paper Waste Reduction Act would put a lot of Publishers and Colleges out of Business  02 03 2016

What am I getting at?  Who put Scott Walker in office?  The media did!  Why?  Money comes zooming into it with politics.  The television media and publishing industry is essentially one; all owned under the same umbrella corporations.  So how will Scott Walker bail himself out of the $1.5 million he owes?  He is testing the paid speech circuit with his small town in quiet meetings isn't he.

So why will the publishing/media industry bail him out?  It is kind of like the wife of a science fiction star actor is found bruised and dead in the pool.  She is cremated the next day.  If there was wrongdoing and it was covered up it was covered up in order to protect that media owned brand and brand image!

So Scott Walker will indeed be bailed out by the media!  You will see so many of his books have sold.  And I really wonder if those sales numbers are correct at all!

And those media families are about the same spawn as the financial industry aren't they.  Just write it all off to the taxpayer when your lifetime achievement is empirically found to be incompetence.


But when a Presidential Candidate voices an opinion that is clearly treason should they receive any contributions as Hillary Clinton has?  What should really happen is that they should be tried and executed for treason!

Stock market fraud.  When the problem is foreign competition and you can't buy the foreign stock because the markets are rigged and the foreign country won't honor your investment.  It is like we have to listen to suck mouthed Clinton praising Mitt Romney who keeps his money in the Caymans for his investment acumen! 

I look to print out three addresses for a hardware store chain and I get 9 double sided pages.  A Paper waste reduction act would declare you imbecile how hard would it have been for you to list addressed on one piece of paper.

But the purpose of this article is to state that most of what is written and published is contrived supposition.  It follows from the other articles I wrote today.

Corporations are considered more and more like government so that mandate would be easy to initiate.

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And how much do media companies make from pharmaceutical advertisements?  It has to be the bulk of their revenues!  So if indeed you convict a doctor of kickbacks from pharmaceutical company sales why not the media companies also?

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