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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Of those New Hampshire Speeches tonight Bernie Sanders resonated with me the most 02 09 2016

Of those New Hampshire Speeches tonight Bernie Sanders resonated with me the most  02 09 2016

He was the only one who looked to have a plan based on substance.  The rest seem to want to get in on false promise and the plans to come later based on conjecture.

I like Bernie. And I only have one or two problems with him.  You can't legalize drugs and expect to increase employment.  It is like a Seesaw.  A person either wants to be happy from achievement or take drugs as a substitute form of happiness.  I want everyone to be happy from personal achievement.

Are there people in this world who will never be happy based on personal achievement and comparison?

Even though I don't know what Bernie's exact plan is, I do not fear it.  I cannot say the same of Trump!

More things went wrong in this world when Bush became President and I had to take medicine from 93' to 2001' than we can ever correct.  Trump would be that exact same thing!

Trump stands up there with a magic hat that he wont tell us what is in it.  I listen to him talk watch his face get beet red, and I wait for him to have an aneurism.

Trump fires 9 people for every 1 that he hires.  And look at his apprentice show.  Who will he make as his cabinet in the White House?  His two sons, his daughter and his wife.  And there we have the start of an unbearable dynasty that parallels the Bush one.

I really don't believe that the real people of the United States will ever believe in Donald Trump.  You want to make things great someone like me has to believe in you; and I don't.


Rarely in my life have I contributed to charities. And when I do I usually end up regretting it.  But when I heard Bernie speak I wanted to chip in 1 dollar to him.  But like I said, I won't because it usually goes against me.

And indeed Bernie Sanders is Jewish.  But I consider Trump, Clinton, Cruz, and all of those others to be just as Jewish.  That is just how I see things.  It has to do with their verbal ability and where exactly in the stream of consciousness it is coming from.  Don't ask me to explain any better than that.  You have to have a brain that doesn't have the frontal lobe exterior fold in order to understand it.  People diagnosed with schizophrenia are said to NOT have a frontal lobe exterior fold like the general population is said to.

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Off topic.  I get a pain in my knee one day, then it is in the back, then the shoulder.  It seems to travel around like Mexican bandits steeling the American farmers harvest.  But sometimes it rests right in the left front of my stomach just above the hip.  And I was saying to my mother about it.  How it is in the front part of my body but it is in the back.  Even though it is in the front it is in the back.  And then I remember many years ago she had that exact same pain in the front in the exact same place.

So what the hell is going on here!  This is something our medical community has completely screwed us on!


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