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Friday, February 5, 2016

Proof that Barack Obama likes to Queer around in Men's Heads 02 05 2016

Proof that Barack Obama likes to Queer around in Men's Heads  02 05 2016

What you are about to witness is the Tutsi Tribe.  These men are wearing white Aryan wigs and dancing in a queer fashion.  The Tutsi Tribe is located in the African Great Lakes region; and that is where Kenya is where Barack's recent ancestry comes from.

If you can indeed get a close up of their faces you can see a queer or gaiety expression.

Notice the sickle dance of the apparent women dancers; as if they are slicing off testicles in jubilation.

Some of the costumes do indeed look Egyptian influenced.

The gestalt of the white wigs is to make the men look like white women in order to attract much closer any white men that are in the area exploring etc???

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016

Note:  This post is just a "Roast"  I don't mean to demean those Tutsi warriors for that dance tradition.  And indeed perhaps the expression on their faces is one of celebration and happiness and not queerity. 

In fact put on one of those masks and I believe Barack might like to dance like that too with them.

It does look fun!  Much better than black city life in the United States; mental retardation from drugs and the resultant low education rates and high homicide rates.

I do indeed see some what looks to be mean wearing fake breasts.  So perhaps it is their way of releasing the tension of emotional disturbed women around them?

And I see a metal grate for a head mask.  I wonder what the rules are for costume formation?

You know actually that looks like a lot of fun!  What would be wrong with that going on at inner city High Schools in the U.S.?  Better than alcohol and drugs.  They look to be a peaceful people.  Smiling.

But wait!!! What is the gestalt of those cross like head costumes???  That is the gestalt of white men being staked into the ground isn't it!!!!  The black marks where incisions are made in their tendons?  Just as Christ was pierced?

I take it all back.  Proof that Barack Obama likes to Queer around in Men's Heads!

And this is the man who is desperately attempting to defeat the United States Constitution!

If a white man in the United States put on a Black Afro and started dancing around with spears and sickles that black gene'd white police officer would become confused like a slot machine on tilt and kill him!  Happens all the time here!

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