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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

On the Supreme Court Nomination

Looks to me like the media is desperately trying to shift the focus from Sanders, Trump, Hilary to the Supreme Court. But the above is just infighting, not wanting the other side to be able to stack the deck of the Supreme Court so getting up there and listing reasons why it needs to be delayed; no matter how valid they are. The terrible thing here is that the Supreme Court is part of our Working Government. So therefore you replace that person quickly so that the people benefit. However trying to find a well balanced person to fit that job is impossible no matter which side has the liberty of doing the choosing! The current Supreme Court is pathetic! ~Jolly fools and estranged power women.

What this means is that the media wants to stand pat with the way things are with the current lineup of Presidential candidates and take the heat off of that process because if the heat stays on it those candidates are likely to be vetted.  But they should be vetted!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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