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Friday, February 5, 2016

Belief in God????

Do I believe that I should substitute the concept of something else being my savior in place of personal development. No. Do I believe in the concept of God as popularly propagandized? No! Or more to the point, which of 5000 Gods in all of religions do you want me to believe in? I believe in myself. They are going to want to declare someone that believes in themselves as having a mental illness!
Why?  Belief in oneself is a threat to cretinism.
The reason for religion is because that priest needs a source of income, hence he is tauting a belief system.  It has been one of the worst crimes in human history!
"Give me money and you will be saved from me!"  Is the gestalt of it!  It is extortion!
The reason we have the right to religion in the Constitution is so that we are not barred from believing in ourselves!  It comes from being victimized by being forced to comply with whatever a bad King told you to believe in and punished you if you didn't.  The world is flat.  Take your pills. etc.  Real Bad!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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