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Monday, February 22, 2016

I think I just figured something out there. A Siren is really a Sire-ing isn't it!

I think I just figured something out there.  A Siren is really a Sire-ing isn't it!

But what is the word for female bastard?  How come there is no female version bastard?

Well it can be a female but from context it has always been thought to be just a male one?

But it explains it doesn't it!  Why the sirens are standing on shore and tempting ships to crash?  Because they are bastard Sire-ings.

And was there likely alcohol and therefore fetal alcohol syndrome mental retardation of the sire-ing?  Yes it fits doesn't it!

A Siren is a female bastard isn't it!

So why do I think about such things?  Because I hear voices in my head that disable me from earning a living.  That tempt my every action!  That mock my every human thought.  And I ask legitimately where do they come from?

I do not curse myself.  Maybe a good way to think about the voices is that the people who are cursing you are really cursing themselves.  They curse you because they don't have a self and never will.  But perhaps if they didn't curse you in this life they would indeed be born normal in the next life?  I like that theory!

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