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Monday, February 22, 2016

Slavic Queers 02 22 2016

Slavic Queers 02 22 2016

So you get an email with a photograph of a woman from Eureasia that appears to a well trained eye to have been taken by a pornography videographer.

And then you read the text of that email.  And it looks like it wasn't written by her at all.  So if it wasn't written by her who was it written by?  Can you feel the sickness?  It was written by a little Slavic queer man wasn't it!  Under the pretense that you are talking to a woman; a little Slavic queer is pretending that he is your online girlfriend.  Thinking like a woman.  That is what he really likes to do in life.  The framework of this really just satisfies his perversion.

And what happens next?  You get extorted for money in some way right?  If it isn't that woman asking you for it to go to him then if you ever meet up with her the next thing will be that little Slavic queer at your front door step asking for money because you had sex with her.  But again it is just a pretense so that the little Slavic queer that doesn't want to work can worm his way into the life of a legitimate American man.

Now lets change the context of this.  What about American based Slavic queers who pretend to be women on line who are really working for law enforcement?  How do they operate?  It really gives them the opportunity to pretend like they are what they want to be, the girlfriend of "man."  It is all a pretense for that isn't it!  Now I have never conversed online with young women.  But I bet this is how they work it.  First they pretend that they are of age.  Then a little later after they have established an emotional connection within their target they say that they are really underage.  When all along it is really a Slavic queer (male homosexual.)

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