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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Woman that drinks shows definite signs of estrangement by the time she is 50 years old 02 11 2016

A Woman that drinks shows definite signs of estrangement by the time she is 50 years old  02 11 2016

And indeed sometimes the signs of estrangement occur much earlier in life.

These signs include but are not limited to.

1.  Putting on a "Spooky" facial expression.
2.  Dressing up like they were in their dating years.
3. Irresponsible behavior and unaccountable thoughts and ideas.
4.  Baby talk or infantile sexual talk.  The vocalizations sound very similar to those of the mentally retarded.
5.  An abominable, megalomaniac or omnipotent belief system with regard to assertions and notions.
6.  Emotionally disturbed when challenged to think and be accountable for statements.
7.  Sometimes a change in voice to make it sound more deeper and manlike to add emphasis to statements.

We need a behavioral health system that prevents people like that from gaining control over human beings in any way.

This is the gestalt that I get with Hilary Clinton.  But it would be unfair to single her out.  Sarah Palin fits the bill too.  Then I saw it on a senator from Wisconsin too.  I see the symptoms daytime television female personalities.

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But women don't feel alone.  If you look at video playback footage of Donald Trumps victory speech in New Hampshire you will notice signs of estrangement on the last words he said at the podium microphone.

The future of the human race is at stake here!

Actually I pointed this out with regard to Barack Obama at the end of one of his speeches too!  I might have labeled it the demon face at that time.

We should not have to put up with this!

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