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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders Covers his Groin while he Speaks while at the same time Promoting More Gay Rights 02 24 2016

Bernie Sanders Covers his Groin while he Speaks while at the same time Promoting More Gay Rights 02 24 2016

And what about Hillary Clinton?  She will only release her records if every one else agrees to release theirs too?  That is about as far away from leadership as possible!

But what about Free College?  I believe that you should have to work your way through college!  I don't believe you should be able to use  your parents money to pay for it!  I don't believe that you should be able to work at a factory office that a friend of your fathers has either to earn that money!  So what this really means is that rich children can't inherit.

And do you really want to give a person who has the temperament and behavior of an pre-ex-con the opportunity to sit in a class room with the normal?  I am not that fairy field delusion or forgiving liberal.  Lets be honest there are emotionally disturbed people in this world who do everything that they can do disrupt human learning.  We can indeed figure out what is wrong with them.  And they need to be properly labeled!  Yes properly labeled!  In contrast to you mislabeling someone who is tempted by the voices of the demonic a schizophrenic in medical fraud.

I liked what Bernie said about wealth redistribution.

I liked what Hillary essentially stated about black people being unruly.


So I was reading about how their were two villages on the other side of a sea in Israel.  Bethsaida and Magdela.  Then I believe that I read in the Quran that the Romans drew straws for Jesus mother Mary?  And I also read about how Jesus got rid of 6 demons that were bothering Mary the head of Magdela.  Do you know what that really means?  He killed 6 people; who were demonic.  The way I read it is that she was a widow and the head of Magdela.

But what else is very significant here!  That Jewish movement that Jesus started wasn't out of the mainstream but it was indeed new.  That you didn't have to go to the wall temple to worship.  You could worship at a Jewish temple you created out in the boonies.  Why travel?  It just costs you money.  God is available to you everywhere.  Which really means it is based on your free will and good things coming to people who do good.  But to me it looks like they wanted a central place of worship in order to control people.  And that is why they got pissed at him.  And then they wanted him to pay a church tax too.  It looks to be all about funneling money into your central city.  But Philip to me has to be one of the greatest traitors in Jewish History!  He put a statue of his mother in the center of Bethsaida.  In other words worship her.  Oh please think of my momma!  I am not comfortable with the rest of you unless you are thinking of my momma too.  Please whack off your holy spirit to my mother.

So after Jesus death per the Quran they drew straws for his mother again?

But lets examine that a little further.  What were those Jewish villages like?  They labeled a person a demoniac and chained him in their cemetery.  They hunted down men and made exiled priests of them to be tormented by children who were controlled by evil masters.  They weren't so great.  So indeed that is why you want a centralized temple.  So that you can say everything that happened on the outskirts was not your responsibility.  And that you should come to the central temple, spend money and pray there, and give an offering to the central persons collection basket?  It wasn't religion at all was it, it was evil business, just as every church really is today.

And what else didn't I like about that Town Hall meeting? The way that tall looking dumb jock seeming moderator seemed to ride heard over Bernie or Hillary.  Almost as if he controlled them or was empowered over them already!  That makes the Italian hag woman among us very comfortable with herself; AKA Spaghetti Monster.  And what is the definition of estranged, "Deferring from the original possessor."  Yeah all three of them are estranged and therefore cowardly, but so is Donald Trump and the others sitting square on the spikes of the other side of the fence.

How many tattled ex cons get into the pornography business?  Videotaped black men having sex with what amounts to enslaved white women?  To me that is a crime against humanity judicially requiring the sentencing of the death penalty!

It might have been staged who knows; but Bernie said how he was going to go after the Billionaires but then the question of Tobacco came up and he did not carry through with that conviction initially.  What do I mean?  How many billionaires were created through tobacco profits?  A lot of them;  including Mr. Omaha himself Warren Buffet.

And what did Hilary say about Wall Street that was misleading?  That Barack Obama created the strongest regulations ever?  Whatever Barack did didn't even address the issue of that corruption!  Lets say 100 things need to be done concerning that, Barack perhaps alluding to one thing being done.  But the American public has no idea.  And there isn't enough blood thinner available to Hillary for her to be able to have the comprehension to figure that one out!

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