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Monday, February 15, 2016

Mass Psychology Redefined 02 15 2016

Mass Psychology Redefined 02 15 2016

What is it really?  It is the belief that because their is safety in numbers you won't ever get caught for doing something horrific.  Most often the case it is vandalism and acts of looting.

But what else applies here?  When they attempt to prove that the human race is really all one mind, it is that exact same mentally defective principle of Mass Psychology (redefined) at work there!

Some people in the vicinity of mass psychology don't succumb to it!  So it cannot be a valid principle as historically defined.

To make the best case a victim of mass psychology in process doesn't participate in self victimization because of the mass psychology against them do they.

A posse isn't mass psychology either.  Why not?  They are usually just going after a few select criminals that are predefined to be that and fugitives from justice.

But what is the Communion principle in church?  Isn't that really an attempt to control people or induce criminal behavior mass psychology by stating that they are all one in communion with each other?  First the wafer and then the mental retardation causing alcohol afterwards; as a reinforcement.

Has this facet of religion lead to unconstitutional Communist inroads into the United States that have violated Americans rights?  Absolutely.  Can it be remedied!  Absolutely!

Mass psychology is really tribalism of the mentally defective isn't it!  You either have tribes or democracies with no two ways about it!

And what really sparks violence in mass psychology?  Mental frustration because that mentally retarded person can't keep up!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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